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Office Closure- Christmas & New Year Period


DOGS NSW Office will be closed from 5.00pm (phone lines will close at 4.00pm) on Friday 21 December 2018 and
re-open at 8.30am on Tuesday 8 January 2019.

The lead up to Christmas is traditionally a high demand period for the processing of applications.
DOGS NSW cannot guarantee a quick turnaround for applications being processed prior to the Christmas Closure.
To avoid disappointment, please ensure you submit any urgent applications to the Office in a sufficient time frame.


Note: The online system will not be in operation during the above period.

Members are also advised that the Complex/Grounds will also be CLOSED on the following days:
Monday 24, Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 December 2018 and Tuesday 1 January 2019.

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2019 Draft Test Judges Training Scheme


Expressions of interest are invited from DOGS NSW Members who are interested in participating in the 2019 DOGS NSW Draft Test Judges Training Scheme.

Members wishing to register their interest should do so in writing to the Secretary, DOGS NSW, PO Box 632, St. Marys NSW 1790

or via email, and mark their letter for the attention of the Sporting Committee, by Monday 31. December 2018.


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Amendments to Show Regulations

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DOGS NSW Magazine Digital Access


DOGS NSW members who have elected to access the DOGS NSW magazine digitally, can view each issue online using the following process:

1. Go to DOGS NSW website:
2. Select the Members tab at the top of the menu bar on the right hand side.
3. From the drop down menu (on the left hand side), click on DOGS NSW magazine.
4. You can then view the current issue by clicking on – 'View the online digital version.'

5. In addition, you can also access the current Gazette for each month by clicking on...

   'Please click here to view the latest digital Gazette online under the GAZETTE heading.'

Please see attached link should you wish to access the DOGS NSW gazette manually:

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New and improved Pet Registry is coming soon!


The NSW Government is launching a new and improved Pet Registry website to provide an enhanced customer experience for people registering cats and dogs across the State.

Public users of the Registry will soon notice the website has a fresh look, enhanced navigation and a range of great new features.

The upgraded website will make it easier to register cats and dogs, return lost cats and dogs to their owners and improve animal welfare outcomes in line with recent changes to Companion Animals Legislation.

The new features are outlined below, but of specific interest to breeders is the introduction of a search function which allows the public to conduct pre-purchase research on the dog or cat they are thinking of buying.

Once the Registry is live the public will have the ability to search by microchip number, rehoming body number or Breeder Identification Number to find out information, including a dog or cat’s sex, breed, age and whether or not it has been de-sexed.

Unique Breeder Identification Numbers will be generated and allocated by the NSW Pet Registry.

Also included in the enhancements is the ability for breeders to add entire litters to the Registry, instead of individually.

At a glance the new Registry features are:

  1. Search function – A public search function, where potential cat or dog owners can look up a microchip, breeder identification or rehoming body number to get more information before they commit to buying. These numbers will identify information on the register, including breed, age, gender and whether or not the animal is de-sexed.
  2. Create/add a litter – Allows dog and cat breeders to create a litter and add offspring, making it easier for vets and authorised identifiers to update new animal records with microchip numbers.
  3. Upload a cat or dog photo - This feature enables owners and breeders to upload a photo of their pet on the Pet Profile page to assist with pet identification and returning the animal home, should it get lost.
  4. Lost and found – Where the microchip number of a lost dog or cat is known, a member of the public can use the NSW Pet Registry to send a secure message to the pet owner, alerting them that they have found their pet.

These improvements are the next phase in the NSW Government’s staged upgrade to the Companion Animals Register and commitment to managing cats and dogs in NSW.

We will continue to improve the Registry for all users and streamline and modernise the digital registration process, including future links with other Government platforms.

If you require any further assistance, please contact the NSW Pet Registry team on 1300 134 460 or email

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Animal Care Australia


Representing 200,000 hobbyists’ breeders and animal owners in NSW, (as it moves towards becoming a National entity), Animal Care Australia is fast becoming a powerful voice, representing those who are the experts in animal welfare.

The recently appointed Chief Animal Officer at NSW Department of Primary Industries, Kim Filmer travelled from Orange to meet with Animal Care Australia. This meeting was hosted by DOGS NSW, and represented by Lynette Brown President of DOGS NSW, Dr Karen Hedberg BVSc, Hugh Gent (OAM) Chair of the ANKC Ltd, and Paul Terrett, with Dr Robert Zammit BVSc chairing. This meeting proved to be a very positive one, with Kim confirming her desire to engage with all stakeholders and to present a balanced view in the area of Animal Welfare.

DOGS NSW is now preparing a code to submit to the Minister, to regulate the breeding of all dogs in NSW.

Mission Statement

Animal Care Australia is the Peak Body advocating higher welfare standards for keeping animals in Australia as pets and companions.

ACA provides continued development of animal welfare standards and Codes of Ethics for animal husbandry, breeding, training, sale and sporting exhibitions for a wide range of animal species. This is to promote and encourage high standards in all interactions with the animals in our care.

ACA also provides education to our members, the general public and government to encourage responsible pet ownership, and the respectful treatment of all animals in our community.

ACA Objectives

  • To represent Animal Care Groups as the peak Animal Welfare body
  • To engage Government on all levels of Animal Welfare issues
  • To provide expert Animal Welfare advice to legislators
  • To clarify the difference between Animal Rights and Animal Welfare
  • To promote higher Animal Welfare outcomes
  • To support grass roots hobbyists / animal keepers
  • To develop strategies and educate the general public in the best care for all animals

New update

In recent weeks ACA has met with the NSW Minister for Primary Industries and the Department of Primary Industries' Chief Animal Welfare Officer seeking assurances from both parties that the ACA and its member organisations will be consulted on any future changes or re-drafts of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (POCTA) Act.

In these meetings, assurances were sought to ensure any future Codes of Practice / Ethics produced by the DPI would be initially drafted by ACA member organisations.

ACA Membership

Membership to the ACA will be available in the coming weeks via an online membership form.

ACA is currently NSW based, but represents pet owners, keepers and breeders nationally. ACA welcomes member groups and supporters from all States.

Follow ACA on Facebook 

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The Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd


The DOGS NSW Charity is now a reality, with it's main aim to promote better health, care and welfare of dogs.

The Charity has the formal title of, The Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd – the Charity for short. It is a community charity, committed to relieving the suffering of dogs, to assist in the direct care of abandoned dogs through support of the DOGS NSW Rescue Groups and assisting with, and promoting research into matters, that will improve the health of dogs and thus improve their health and welfare.

The Charity recognises and promotes the unique bond between humans and dogs and will work actively to promote the welfare, happiness and health of dogs in the community.

The Royal NSW Canine Health and Welfare Charity Ltd is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible for the donor.

The goal of the Charity is to prevent or relieve the suffering of canines by the following:

  1. arranging short-term direct care for canines which have been lost, mistreated or are without owners;
  2. arranging for the rehabilitation of orphaned, sick or injured canines which have been lost, mistreated or are without owners;
  3. funding research into the causes, prevention or cure of diseases in canines;
  4. creating and endowing scholarships and fellowships;
  5. providing education in relation to all aspects of canines;
  6. arranging for the training of canines to assist people who are disadvantaged; and
  7. promoting activities that support these goals.

Charity directors

  • Professor Claire Wade (Chair of Computational Biology and Animal Genetics at the University of Sydney)
  • Malcolm Craig QC (Barrister)
  • Paul Terrett (Policy Advisor)
  • Dr Karen Hedberg BVSc (Veterinarian)
  • Lynette Brown (President of DOGS NSW),
  • Christina Rafton –Treasurer (Director of DOGS NSW)
  • Hugh Gent OAM – Secretary (President ANKC Ltd)
  • Brian Crump - President (Lecturer).

Over the next few months these directors will be working on the processes of the Charity and building what we anticipate will be a major force in improving health and welfare outcomes for dogs. We look forward to the input and assistance of the members of DOGS NSW in assisting us shape this work.

The Royal NSW Canine Health and Welfare Charity Ltd is a charity registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission and all donations over $2.00 are tax deductible for the donor. Although DOGS NSW has very kindly made a seeding grant to the Charity, it will need to raise funds from the community and your donations would be most welcome. If you are considering a bequest, please contact the president at

Donations may be made direct to the Royal NSW Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd by direct deposit to the following account: BSB: 062-212 Account: 1068 0015. Donations should be marked with the name of the donor and an email sent to for a receipt.

We look forward to building the future with your support and raising the Government’s and Public’s awareness of DOGS NSW in the process.

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DOGS NSW's new website is coming soon!


The new DOGS NSW website is soon to be launched after much anticipation of its upgraded content.

We have listened to your feedback and have focussed on improving how easy it is to find the information that you want, quickly and easily.

The new look site is easy to navigate and has the capacity to improve and boost public awareness of our organisation and the importance of obtaining puppies from registered breeders.


  • Improved Breeder's Directory making it easier for breeder's to add and maintain their advertisements and making it easier for website users to find breeder's information.
  • Information and images available on all ANKC Ltd recognised breeds
  • Information and images of all the various disciplines and activities on offer through DOGS NSW
  • Details of the Royal New South Wales Canine Council Health and Welfare Charity Ltd
  • Updated breed club listings
  • Online booking for Members and Affiliates who wish to book the grounds, buildings, equipment and camping sites

We will be continuing to add features to the website to improve your online experience with DOGS NSW.



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The Royal Canin International Spring Fair


The Royal Canin International Spring Fair will soon be here so don’t forget your online entries through SHOWDOGSNSW and remember the Member information night for the CACIB Show.

Member Information Night

As we are now gearing up for our largest event on the DOGS NSW show calendar – The Royal Canin International Spring Fair 2018, a member information night is scheduled for Thursday, 9 August at 7.30pm in the Amenities Building, Bill Spilstead Complex Orchard Hills.

The Spring Fair Committee will be running an information night for exhibitors to familiarise themselves with the format for a CACIB show.

The Spring Fair Committee are offering, Challenges, In Group and In Show Awards for ALL classes as well as CACIBS.

More about CACIB Shows

Do you see your dog as being an International Beauty Champion? I bet you do!!

Well folks, a new title signifying exactly that has become available through the ANKC’s Associate Membership of the FCI. This title of FCI International Champion (C.I.B.) is now available in Australia.

To achieve it you will need to receive four CACIB awards in a minimum of two Australian States, under three different Judges, from at least three different FCI Member countries. Have I aroused your attention? Then read on.

Day 1 of the 2018 Royal Canin International Spring Fair will offer CACIB and Reserve CACIB awards to all breeds recognised by FCI. These will be IN ADDITION to your regular Challenge Certificate awards, so you have double the reason to get yourself along to the Friday show of Spring Fair this year.

A very unique feature of this CACIB Show, will be that all breeds are to be judged in the ten FCI Groups, so many of you will find that your breed is up against some quite different opposition to the usual competition. You can check out these Groupings in the Spring Fair Show advertisement in your June Gazette. It is naturally also available at the Spring Fair website.

One thing you will need to understand is that CACIB’s are only available to exhibits which are:

  • Over 15 months of age,
  • Graded by the Judge as being Excellent, and
  • A winner of their Class

After judging all Male classes in Breed, the Judge will firstly (at their discretion) award the usual Challenge and Reserve Challenge Certificate. If the Challenge Winner is eligible for a CACIB, it will automatically receive it. Likewise, a Reserve Challenge winner, if eligible, will receive a Reserve CACIB, but if the Challenge winner was not eligible for a CACIB (e.g. too young), then an eligible Reserve Challenge winner will receive the CACIB and the Judge would then consider a Reserve CACIB from the remaining eligible exhibits. The process is repeated for bitches, however, Best of Breed, as usual, remains a competition between the two Challenge winners.

Group and In-Show Judging will be done in the following sequence; Best in Group/Show 4,3,2,1, Baby, Puppy 4,3,2,1, Junior, Intermediate, Open, Champion; however, note that Best 1,2,3,4 are automatic for their respective Classes.

A very distinguished panel of International Judges has been assembled to adjudicate your entries over the three days of Spring Fair 2018 as well as at a number of Breed Specialty shows being conducted on Thursday 30 August. Our Judges hail from Canada, Ireland, Japan, India, Belgium and Malaysia and bring with them a wealth of international experience in judging, both CACIB and National shows across the globe.

Saturday and Sunday return to the format to which you are all accustomed and I am confident that the usual wonderful entry from all States will be received, such is the popularity of Spring Fair. The organising Committee have offered Sweepstakes across the weekend in eight separate categories, with a Breeder’s Team Event of 4 dogs being featured at the Sunday Show.

For Spring Fair 2018, Dogs NSW has launched its new online entry portal which you enter with your usual Online Services login and password. Try it, it is just so easy.

Steps for entering Shows via SHOWDOGSNSW

  1. Click here and login using your State's Member Body Online Member Services login and password (This is the login you use to lookup pedigrees, register litters and renew your membership online). If you have forgotten this, please click here
  2. Click on "+Enter" against the show you wish to enter
  3. You will then see a Search Dog box where you key in your dog's Registration Number or part of the Registered Name. Select the dog you want from your list (ALL yours, Owned and Co-Owned are there! - No input required) and then Click Next.
  4. You are then taken to a Screen where you can check all of your Dog's details. You cannot change anything here, because it is the official ANKC record. (If you believe something is wrong, it will probably require an Application by you to your Member Body to have it changed)
  5. When finished, Click Next. It then takes you to a Screen where you can select any Class for which the dog is eligible (including Sweepstakes). When selected Click "Add Another Dog" and repeat steps 3 & 4 or "Next" again.
  6. If you had clicked Next the next screen shows you a summary of the payments required and also offers you the opportunity to purchase a Catalogue
  7. If you wish to enter more Shows in this transaction you can click "Enter more Show" tab which takes you back to the main screen to enter
  8. Click on Pay By Card, once you have entered your credit card details and submit, you will be sent an email confirmation

You can find a help guide at the bottom of the log in screen or click here to download.

Should you have any queries regarding the new entry system please contact the DOGS NSW Office on 9834 3022 or email

New Spring Fair website

DOGS NSW has launched a new Spring Fair website with details on schedules, entering online, judges, accommodation, forms, results, CACIB Show, plus helpful information.

The site can also be accessed from the DOGS NSW app!


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Penrith City Council’s Dogs in the Park


A fun day out with your fur friends!

Penrith City Council’s event will be based on drawcard attractions, where locals can participate in all activities such as Dog Competitions, Dog Races, Demonstrations, plus merchandise, services and food stalls.

Proposed activities for the event include dog sports demonstrations, best-dressed pet competitions, dog races competitions, dog trick contest and interactive stalls.

Join in the fun at Jamison Park, Penrith NSW from 9.30am – 3.30pm.

Some of the events scheduled for the day are:

11:25 am Golden Oldies Dog Competition
12:30 pm Junior Handlers - Aged 7-year-old to 12 years old - 12 years old to 16 years old
12:45pm Seek Dog Australia
1:00pm Best Trick Competition
1.15pm Fancy Dress 1.30pm Best Trick Competition
2.30pm Cutest Puppy/ Cutest Dog
3:00 pm Lucky Door Prize Drawn
3:05 pm Best in Show
3:30 pm Show Ends

Volunteers from DOGS NSW PR Committee will be in attendance so please come along with your dogs and support this event.

Follow the Facebook event page for updates on the event.

Dogs In The Park

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