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Agility Rule Review Process

ANKC Ltd have announced that the process for potential rule changes for ANKC Ltd Agility for 2021 are to commence now.

The potential changes are to affect the rules governing Agility Rules, Agility Games Rules and Agility Guidelines for Judges, relevant documents can be found in the files section.

The timetable is as follows:

  • Monday 31 December 2018 – approved revised closing date for rule change proposals from members of DOGS NSW.
  • Thursday 28 February 2019 – closing date for proposed changes to be submitted by each state representative to the ANKC Ltd Administrator.
  • June/July 2019 – ANKC Ltd Administrator to distribute copies of all proposals received to all Member Bodies.
  • August 2020 – National Committee Meeting
  • November 2020 – New rules made available.
  • 1 January 2021 – New rules effective

So what do you need to do?

If you have a suggestion for a rule change.

  • Read the current rules to ensure that you understand what the current rules is
  • Make a written proposal for the change
  • Provide a rational for your change.
  • Please send it through to Ms Frankie Moore ( to collate.

How to make a proposal

In a Microsoft Word Document, copy and paste the current rule, then put (NSW) at the start of your new proposal, if there is a deletion then put a strike through it, if there is additional information to be added the underline this. The changes should be in blue and then your rationale should be in red.


4.4 Vetting

Exhibits may be required to be inspected or vetted.

4.4 Vetting

(NSW) Exhibits may will be required to be inspected or vetted by a veterinarian.

RATIONALE The health and wellbeing of dogs is paramount and ensuring that dogs are vetted or inspected by a trained veterinarian prior to completing will reduce the number of injuries sustained.

If you are unsure where the rule change may occur then please title your rule change accordingly: for example “Not for Competition run” would fall under “9. DESCRIPTION OF TRIAL for AGILITY/JUMPING” (Refer to Games rules for Games)

All information and files are available at