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Dances with Dogs Judges Training Scheme - Expressions of Interest


Eligibility for Admission to Dances With Dogs Judges Training Scheme

To be eligible for admission to the Dances With Dogs Judges Training Scheme, unless the State/Territory Control otherwise approves on the basis of demonstrated exceptional circumstances, an applicant must:-

(a)       be a resident of the relevant State/Territory;

(b)       be a minimum of 18 years of age;

(c)       have been a member of the relevant State/Territory Control for a minimum of one year and be a current financial member;

(d)       have experience in related Club or training activities, whether in DWD or another ANKC discipline;

(e)       have personally  trained  competed with and achieved a minimum of  two qualifying certificates for a dog in Novice Class in either DWD Freestyle or Heelwork to Music.

(f)        commit to contributing to DOGS NSW DWD education of members through instructing voluntarily at DOGS NSW DWD workshops.

(g)       commit to assisting in the running of DOGS NSW DWD competitions - eg stewarding, music checks, set up, score collation, card writing.

(h)       Candidates should provide evidence of the above criteria and outline how they have or are promoting DWD, apart from their own participation in competition (e.g assistance at competitions, workshops etc)"

(i)        application to and acceptance by the relevant Canine Control and payment of the relevant Canine Judges’ fee.

Closing date for applications will be Friday 8 March 2019.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted in writing, for the attention of the Dances With Dogs Committee, to the DOGS NSW Office, PO Box 632, St Marys NSW 1790, or by email to

The Theory Examinations and the Practical Examination will be held on a date to be advised. Successful candidates will be required to attend regular training sessions held by the Dances With Dogs Judges Working Party.