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DOGS NSW Herding Judges Training & Assessment Scheme 2019

To be eligible to enter the scheme the applicant must:

a. Have been a member of Dogs NSW for a total period of not less than five [5] years
b. Be over 18 years of ages
c. Be physically capable of Judging in accorance with the rules
d. Be approved by Dogs NSW

To be eligible to Judge Herding Test classes the applicant must have:
a. Trained and trialled a dog to a Pre-Trial Test title
b. Acted as a Scribe and Stock Handler a minimum of three times in the previous 12 months

To be eligible to judge Herding Trial classes the applicant must have:
a. Met the eligibiity criteria to Judge Herding Test level
b. Acted as Scribe and Stock Handler for a minimum of three Herding Trials on the course applied for (ie, A and/or B and/or C) in the previous 12 months
c. Trained and trialled a dog at Started level or above (preferably in the course applied for)

Applicants who do not yet meet all the stock handling and scribing criteria may be considered if they commit to and meet the relevant criteria in 2019.

Please address each of the above criteria on a separate sheet and attach it to this application form along with any other involvement in the sport that supports your application. Please include the Herding Judges Training Scheme Record of Practical Experience form.

Click here for the full application form.