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Proposed Off-Leash Dog Area - JJ Kelly Park, Wollongong Deadline for Member Comments

Wollongong City Council is proposing to use a significant part of J J Kelly Park as an Off-Leash Dog Area. As the deadline for comment is drawing near, i.e. Monday 10th December 2018, it is important that the message is made public for affected members to comment ASAP.

Please refer to following link:  for all further information.

Plus  highlights the affected area of J J Kelly Park in Council’s proposal.

The close of engagement for public comment is on the 10th December 2018.

As DOGS NSW Directors Russell Britten and Rob Harbin have been provided with all the information regarding this matter, they should be in a position to address questions raised by members in their area. There contact details are as follows:

Russell Britten
Phone: 02 4228 8527
Mobile: 0428 427 500

Rob Harbin
Mobile: 0402 256 686