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Selling of Giving Away a Dog or Cat from 1st July 2019

NSW DPI and the NSW Office of Local Government are improving companion animal breeding practices and promoting responsible pet ownership in a number of ways. Regulations and legislation relating to the companion animals has had strong Government focus, particularly in recent years.

Recently, the DPI issued a brochure outlining some new practices that will be introduced from 1st July 2019. The information provided in that brochure was basic and did not encompass how DOGS NSW members and registered breeders should proceed in relation to Breeder Identification Number or DOGS NSW membership number use when advertising dogs or puppies for rehoming.

To ensure DOGS NSW members are provided with accurate information and can be ready for compliance with the new practices from the 1st July 2019, we have sought further information and clarification on the aspects of these changes that may have confused some members.

Be assured that as soon as this information has been provided to DOGS NSW, it will be made available to the membership.