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Urgent Attention: All Clubs - Overseas Judge Evaluation

In accordance with ANKC Ltd Guidelines & Procedures, evaluation of a visiting overseas Judge is to be conducted by an appointed ANKC Ltd Conformation Judge representing a State Member Body from the State in which the show is being conducted.

Each visiting overseas Judge must be evaluated once, either the first time they judge in Australia, or in the event they have previously judged and not been evaluated, then next time they judge in Australia. The State Member Body is responsible for appointing the evaluating ANKC Ltd Judge for the show, not the Club. The evaluating Judge shall be an Accredited Assessor.  The Evaluator must not be entered in the show, nor handle a dog under the Judge.

Consequently, if you have an upcoming show which you have contracted a visiting overseas Judge, you are required to contact Dog NSW Office to identify if that Judge is required to be evaluated. If so, the relevant information and form/s are available via the following link:- Click here

New Zealand Judges are exempt from the evaluation.