Herding is fun and a great social activity. It gets you outdoors, keeps you active and is good exercise for all involved. Herding will intensify the relationship between you and your dog. It's a great pleasure to watch dogs perform the basic farm work they once were used for. Ask any handler and they will describe the satisfaction in learning to work your own dog.

Herding is complex and very challenging to learn, but well worth the effort!

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Australian Stock Dog Club Of NSW Inc
Sunday 21 May 2017 - Sheep Trial Sunday
23 July 2017 - Sheep Trial
Contact: Trial Secretary, Mr G Elven Email - Mobile 0411 541 535
ASD Facebook page www.facebook.com/groups/519854361373700/

Bearded Collie Club Of NSW
Saturday 8 July 2017 - Sheep Trial
Contact: Secretary Miss K Finlayson Email – Mobile 0417 439 723

Border Collie Club Of NSW Inc
Saturday 20 May 2017- Sheep Trial
Saturday 21 October 2017 - Duck Trial (Bathurst)
Sunday 22 October 2017 - Duck Trial
Contact: Trial Secretary, Mrs S Fedoryschyn Email - Mobile 0409 916 390

NSW Herding Association Of NSW Inc
Saturday 29 April 2017 - Sheep Trial                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Saturday 19 August 2017 - Sheep Trial
Sunday 20 August 2017 - Sheep Trial
Saturday 23 September 2017 - Sheep Trial
Contact: Secretary, Mrs N Tonkin Email - Mobile 0414 011 316
NSWHA Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/NSWHA/

Sporting Committee Spring Fair Trial
Saturday 2 September 2017 - Sheep Trial
Contact: Trial Secretary Mrs S Fedoryschyn Email - Mobile 0409 916 390