How do I get more information?

DOGS NSW Breeders Directory

Click here to find a breed club. Once you’ve decided on a breed go to the DOGS NSW Breeders Directory to find a breeder. Remember that all purebred dogs were bred for specific purposes and many have quite a history, which you should enjoy finding out about.


Visit the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) and look up the different breeds. This will give you the breed standard of each purebred dog in Australia, which is about 200 breeds. This means you will have the name of the breed, a small image as well as the size, characteristics and temperament.

All purebred dogs are classified in 7 groups:
• Group 1 – Toys
• Group 2 – Terriers
• Group 3 - Gundogs
• Group 4 - Hounds
• Group 5 - Working
• Group 6 - Utility
• Group 7 – Non-Sporting

Dog shows

Go to dog shows or obedience clubs, where you can talk to owners and see a number of breeds. Dog shows give prospective puppy owners an excellent opportunity to view the breeds available and the chance to talk to breeders and exhibitors.

It also allows you to see dogs of all ages, so you will get a good idea of what the adult will be like in size and temperament. Most weekends there are shows which represent many breeds, a group of breeds or a single breed.