All puppies have weak bladders and need to go to the toilet frequently. It is a good idea to take the puppy out every hour or so initially, but always immediately upon waking, after playing, after feeding, and before going to bed at night.

Take him to the same spot each time and praise him for a ‘job well done’! When inside have plenty of newspaper near his bed or in the room in which the puppy will be sleeping. Do not scold the puppy if he has an accident. Most puppies will not soil their bed and are usually quick to learn that outside is the correct place to go. After a few weeks most puppies will be house-trained.

Your puppy will probably take a few days to settle down at night as the puppy will miss his mother and litter-mates and is sure to cry, howl or bark when left alone. Do not shout at the puppy or smack him, and do not give into him. If you go to the puppy once during the night, he will howl again every time you leave him. A toy to cuddle up with or a ticking clock may well be appreciated and help the puppy settle.

In the first few weeks, you must give the puppy your constant attention. You can teach him some basic commands, like ‘sit’ and ‘come’ or play ball to teach him to ‘fetch’. Always be patient with the puppy, give him plenty of reassurance, praise and cuddles.