Forms can be printed out, completed and mailed to DOGS NSW PO Box 632, St Marys, NSW 1790. All forms require either Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word. If you require an application form to be printed and mailed to you please email

Club Forms

Application for Affiliation Adobe Download  
Club Stationery Order Form  
Agility Trial Schedule Adobe Download word1
Agility Representative Report
Agility Trial Results Sheet
Application for an Agricultural Society/Association Show date
Application or Change for New Show/Trial Date
Dances with Dogs Schedule
Dances with Dogs Representative Report
Dances with Dogs Results Sheet
Draft Show Schedule  Adobe Download word1
Draft Test Representative Report Adobe Download word1
Draft Test Results Sheet Adobe Download word1
Earthdog Schedule Adobe Download
Earthdog Representative Report
Earthdog Test Results Sheet
Endurance Results Sheet Adobe Download
Field Trial Results Sheet Adobe Download
Gazette Advertisement Form
Herding Representative Report
Herding, Lure Coursing, Draft & Sled Sports Schedule Adobe Download
Herding Result Sheet
Junior Handler Placing Results Form
Lure Coursing Representative Report Adobe Download
Lure Coursing Results Sheet Adobe Download
Obedience Trial Schedule Adobe Download word1
Obedience Results Sheet
Obedience Representative Report
Rally Obedience Result Sheet
Retrieving and Field Trials Representative Report
Retrieving Trial - Master Score Sheet Adobe Download word1
Retrieving Trial Schedule Adobe Download word1
Show Results Sheet
Show Representative Report
Sled Sports Representative Report Adobe Download word1
Stewards Sheets Landscape Size Portrait Size
Tracking Trial Result Sheet
Weight Pull Result Sheet Adobe Download word1

Guides for Conduct of Sweepstakes & Open Shows


Guidelines for Affiliates

Aggressive Dogs - Regulations and Guidelines
Dogs NSW Guide - Club Management   
Safety at Shows - Insurance Adobe Download
Liability Incident Report Form Adobe Download
Dogs NSW Guide - Show Secretary  
Dogs NSW Guide - Trial Secretary
Dogs NSW Guide - Treasurer  

ANKC Judges Contracts

Secretary and Judge requires Adobe Acrobat Professional to fully complete. (Alternatively if the Secretary only has Adobe Acrobat Reader then the top section can be completed then printed)

* Contracts are required to have the signature fields completed by either inserting a digital/scanned signature or manually signing the contract to ensure that the contracts are accepted when submitted along with draft schedules. 


Constitution for Affiliates - Template

To be used by Incorporated bodies - Adobe Download

Overseas Judge

Form of Agreement for an Overseas Resident to Judge Dogs in Australia *

* Must be submitted with Non-Resident Application

Sub-Contract Agreement between the Clubs

Venue Hire Forms

Hire Application - Affiliated Clubs