Prefix program

Welcome to the DOGS NSW Members Education Prefix Program. A pass in the Members Education Prefix Program is a pre-requisite to the granting of a new or transferred Registered Prefix to a Member.

For further introductory information and eligibility, please visit Become a Breeder. Only Members who have achieved six months continuous membership of DOGS NSW are eligible to apply to register a breeders prefix.

Download the Application For Registration of a Breeders Prefix

The Members Education Prefix Program is provided below in six Modules to be undertaken over a minimum period of six months. It is recommended that Prefix applicants endeavour to space their study at a rate of one module per month.

The program learning materials are provided below, click on each to download the material:

[Please be patient when downloading and saving some files are quite large in size]

Module 1

Introduction / DOGS NSW Operations
Anatomy of the Dog

Module 2

Canine Welfare
Canine Nutrition

Module 3

Soundness, Balance and Gait
First Aid

Module 4

Code of Ethics*

* This document MUST be read in conjunction with the updated DOGS NSW Regulations Part XII Code of Ethics

Dogs & the Law - Part 1
Dogs & the Law - Part 2

Module 5

Breeding - Care, Mating and Whelping

Module 6

Basic Genetics
Hereditary Diseases - Screening


Upon completion of the course study, you may apply to undertake the MEPP Examination which will be provided online in a supervised situation where you will be required to provide photo identification and your DOGS NSW Financial Membership Card.
The Examination Application can be lodged only after your 6 month membership has been completed.

Exam Supervisors

If you are out of the Metropolitan area and intend on taking the exam using a Supervisor, the exam application details are required in this Office at your earliest opportunity.

MEPP Application for Examination

See list of approved supervisors here

If you select a supervisor not on the above list, your application will be placed on the next scheduled Board of Directors Agenda for approval.

Premises Inspectors

Once you have received a PASS result in your MEPP theory exam you will need a premises inspection to be completed.

If you are in the metropolitan area please contact the office via and we will arrange your inspection.

If you are out of the Metropolitan area please see list below of approved Premises Inspectors:-

See list of approved Premises Inspectors here


Caution: In accordance with Regulations Part I-The Register & Registration, Clause 11.1, you are not permitted to breed a litter prior to registration of your Prefix and a breach of this Regulation whilst a Member of DOGS NSW, could result in the matter being referred to the Disputes Assessment Panel for possible disciplinary action.