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DOGS NSW "Hobby Breeder" Definition


As promised by the DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee, at their recent Webinar held on Monday 15 February, the following is a definition of
a DOGS NSW "Hobby Breeder."

1. Is a member of DOGS NSW or other recognised Organisation.

2. If a member of DOGS NSW, they must not breed unless they hold a current Breeders Prefix under the rules and regulations of DOGS NSW and:
• Shall abide fully by the Code of Ethics of DOGS NSW.
• Shall NOT breed any litters NOT registered with DOGS NSW.
• Shall agree to inspection of their premises by DOGS NSW Welfare Officer.

3. Shall NOT breed a bitch more than 6 times throughout her lifetime.

4. Shall NOT breed a bitch over eight years of age unless approved by a registered veterinarian.

5. Shall NOT breed a bitch more than twice in an eighteen-month period.

6. Shall NOT breed a bitch under 12 months of age or 18 months of age for giant breeds.

7. All puppies must be microchipped and registered with the NSW Companion Animals database in accordance with NSW State law.

8. Shall abide by the publicised Veterinary Standards for preventative Disease Protocols.

Importantly the definition of Animal Trade under Section 4(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act should be amended to exclude Hobby Breeders with the import and effect that Inspectors shall not be empowered to enter upon the property of Hobby Breeders to carry out Breeder Compliance Inspections of the nature applicable to commercial breeding establishments which are not exempt as Hobby Breeders.

Features distinguishing DOGS NSW prefix holders from commercial breeders:-

1. Enforced Code of Ethics

2. Mandatory Members Education Course

3. Qualification of breeders

4. DOGS NSW is self- regulating, ie, Kennel inspections in accordance with our Code of Ethics

5. Independent Judiciary system adjudicating breaches

6. Continuous health testing programs partnering with ANKC Ltd

7. Breeding for improved health and conservation of Pure Bred Dogs

8. Weekly puppy classes at DOGS NSW

9. The full range of Dog sports

10. Support of rescue groups

11. Royal NSW Canine Council Charity Ltd
To prevent or relieve the suffering of canines. DOGS NSW considers the Charity to be greatly significant and is directing the $1 puppy levy to the Charity to secure long-term benefits for DOGS NSW members as well as the general canine community in NSW.

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Express Services Resumed - Baby Puppy Entries (ONLY) Sydney Royal


Should you have an application in the Office that relates to a Baby Puppy Entry for the 2021 Sydney Royal, please email the Office via so that your applications can receive priority processing.
Members are requested not to contact the Office by telephone in this regard as this will mean staff are attending to telephone calls instead of processing.
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Breeder Compliance Audits Webinar


Come and join the Media & Government Legislation Committee and Directors Myron Arthur and Nancy Keck on a Zoom Webinar, which was held on Monday 15th February at 7.00pm as they discussed the latest developments in the Breeder Compliance inspections and how they are impacting our members.

Please click here to view the Webinar.

The Media & Government Legislation Committee include:

• Mr B Crump, Chair
• Mr H Gent OAM, Secretary
• Dr K Hedberg BVSc, DOGS NSW President
• Mrs L Brown, DOGS NSW Senior Vice President
• Mr M McDonald, DOGS NSW Honorary Solicitor
• Dr R Zammit BVSc
• Ms R Coventry
• Miss D Crofts, DOGS NSW Animal Welfare & Community Liaison Officer
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DOGS NSW Reception Now Open to Members from Monday, 15 February 2021


DOGS NSW Reception is now open to members from Monday, 15 February 2021. Please note that the opening times are from 10.00am to 2.00pm.

DOGS NSW Office is in operation for telephone calls and emails from 9:30am to 4.00pm.

You may submit your applications and paperwork in the following ways:

• By Post to PO Box 632, St Mary’s NSW 1790
• At Reception: Monday to Friday 10.00am - 2.00pm
• Through the mailbox slot at the Office Reception Front Door
• Via Email at

The number of members allowed in the Reception at the one time will be restricted to one (1) person and members will be required to sign in via the Services NSW Q-Code on the front door prior to entering. If you do not have access to the Services NSW App you will be required to sign in at the Reception desk prior to conducting your business.

The grounds are open for exercising your dogs between 6.00am and 6.00pm daily. Meeting rooms, show rings and camping can be booked via the DOGS NSW website.

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Attention Affiliates - Open Entry to Shows / Trials


At its meeting on 10 February 2021, the DOGS NSW Board of Directors confirmed that Affiliates are not able to restrict the entry to their Shows/Trials, etc, to “Online Only”.

Consequently, Affiliates are not able to restrict the entry to their Shows/Trials, etc, to either “Online entries only” or "Postal entries only". Both modes of entry must be offered."

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Updated DOGS NSW COVID -19 Plan for participants at a DOGS NSW event


Please note that the Updated DOGS NSW COVID-19 Plan - Annexure A. Best Practice for the well being of Participants at a DOGS NSW event, has been approved at the recent Board meeting held on 10 February 2021. Please click here to view.

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Royal Canin Webinar Series Now Available to DOGS NSW Members until 31 March 2021.


TOPIC: Scratching An Itch - The Basics Of Skin Disease

Itching, scratching and biting are some of the first symptoms of skin disease that you may notice in your pet. Unfortunately, skin conditions are frustrating for your pet and for you as the owner. Determining the cause can be challenging, take time and may involve multiple diagnostic tests. Is it atopy? Is it a food allergy? Is it a pyoderma?

In this webinar, Dr Ben Porter will be discussing all things skin, including the common causes of skin disease, why maintaining healthy skin and coat is essential for overall health, and how nutrition can help.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email and you will be able to watch the webinar anytime until 31st March 2021.

Click here to register to view!


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2021 FCI European Section Show in Budapest (HU)


Due to the world sanitary situation (COVID-19, the FCI and the Magyar Ebtenyésztok Országos Egyesületeinek Szövetsége  (MEOEsz) (Hungarian Kennel Club) inform that the 2021 FCI European Sections Show in Budapest )HU), originally scheduled to take place in may this year, is postponed to December 29-30 and 31st, 2021 with an international CACIB Show being conducted on 28 December, 2021.

The MEOEsz will provide more information in a the near future.

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Have you been Audited by the RSPCA?


The DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee is calling for those members who have been audited by the RSPCA. If you have experienced this process, it would be appreciated if you could please forward your name and member number details only to the Committee via email to

Please be assured that DOGS NSW is working emphatically to assist its members to deal with the issues that have arisen as a result of the DPI/RSPCA Breeder Compliance Audits.  The Media & Government Legislation Committee is correlating a list of DOGS NSW members who have been audited in an attempt to prove to the DPI and the RSPCA that these breeders are hobby breeders, breeders very few litters per year, and not animal traders and, therefore, should be exempt from the current Breeder Compliance Audit regime.

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Removal of contact numbers from Breeder ads, due to adverse effects of RSPCA Audits


Due to the effects of the RSPCA audits on DOGS NSW Registered Breeders, DOGS NSW are advising members to remove their contact details from their online breeder advertisements on DOGS NSW website and also in the Breeder’s Directory in the Magazine and only display their email address.
Breeder ads on the Website
Members who have their ad featured on the DOGS NSW website should be able to log in and remove any contact phone numbers and replace with their email address, if it is not already featured. If you experience any difficulties please email  for assistance.
Breeders Directory in the Magazine
Members who wish to replace their phone details with an email address in their Breeders Directory ad in the magazine, should email DOGS NSW at 

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