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Recommendations for Affiliates Conducting Obedience, Rally O, Tracking, Track & Search and Endurance Tests - For use in a COVID-19 environment


The following recommendations have been developed by DOGS NSW Obedience and Tracking Committee for use in a COVID-19 environment.

These recommendations apply to the use of the grounds at Orchard Hills which are managed by DOGS NSW and are also the minimum requirements to be met by any Affiliated Club conducting an ANKC event.
In some instances Local Councils may require additional requirements to these recommendations and also Affiliates may wish to add individual requirements.

As we return to competitions affiliates should ensure that measures are put in place to provide the safest possible environment for all.

In our sport there are many contact areas for Judges and Stewards, where there could be a risk of cross contamination when handling dogs and equipment.

It is suggested affiliates should familiarise themselves with the Government guidelines regarding the safety and hygiene procedures when operating in a COVID – 19 environment.

Although our competitions are not specifically outlined in any sporting recommendations the following two sites do offer suggestions which could be transferred to our environment.

AIS Guideline for Rebooting Sport in a COVID_19 Environment ( in particular the Checklist for Small Sporting Organisations

COVID – 19 information for Workplaces / Safe Work Australia




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RNSWCC Board Elections - Metropolitan Region + Obedience & Tracking Committee


The July issue of DOGS NSW Magazine features DOGS NSW Elections, so if you are eligible to vote in the Metropolitan Region and you still receive a hard copy of the magazine, you will find your Ballot Paper along with a Ballot Paper Only and Returning Officer envelopes enclosed.

For those members opting to view the digital magazine and also eligible to vote in the Metropolitan Region, you will receive a separate postal vote in the mail, with the Ballot Paper and envelopes enclosed. Resumes for all five (5) candidates can be viewed online in the digital magazine, from page 7, along with further instructions. Please click here to view.

Alternatively, if you would like to click on the name of each nominee listed below, you can read their individual resumes below:


For those members eligible to vote for the six (6) candidates nominated for the Obedience & Tracking Committee, resume details can be found in the magazine from pages 12 -14, along with postal ballot papers and instructions on page 16. Members who have elected to only view the digital magazine will need to click here to view the ballot paper and print it out and click here to view the digital magazine. Please follow the instructions on the ballot paper to ensure that your vote is valid.

Alternatively, if you would like to click on the name of each nominee listed below, you can read their resumes here:

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Expression of Interest for Foundation Scent Work Judges Training


The ANKC has approved the Rules for the Conduct of Scent Work Trials with effect 1 July 2020.

The Foundation Scent Work Judges’ Training Scheme will be conducted at a national level in 2020 under the auspice of the ANKC National Scent Work Committee.

The Foundation Scent Work Judges’ course will formally commence early September 2020 and is expected to conclude in early 2021. The course will include theory and practical components, with theory and practical examinations at the completion of the course.

There is a course fee of $50.00, which must be submitted with the application form. Applicants must include documentation supporting their claims against the Eligibility Criteria for the program (see below). This should not be more than 1-2 page(s). Further information will be sought if required.

Aspirants must be approved by their member body and assessed by the National Scent Work Committee as suitable to be admitted to the Foundation Judges’ Course.

Appointment of Scent Work Foundation Judges will be through the ANKC member bodies, based on recommendations from the National Scent Work Committee.

The eligibility criteria for the Program includes – an applicant must:
(a) Be a member of a Member Body or, if not a member, become and remain a member of the relevant Member Body;
(b) Be over eighteen (18) years of age by the closing date for applications;
(c) Reside in the State or Territory of application for admission to the Scheme;
(d) demonstrate proven Scent Work knowledge as a result of either formal qualifications and/or relevant training courses with proven skills and/or experience in training a dog(s) in scent work in either a professional or dog sports capacity;
(e) demonstrate skills and experience in instructing in Scent Work;
(f) demonstrate a commitment to actively participate in Scent Work trials including as an organiser, a steward, a judge or other official.

Consideration may be given on an exception basis to expressions of interest for the Foundation program that meet most (but not all) of these criteria, where the individual can demonstrate the capacity to meet the requirements within a reasonable time.

Expressions of interest addressing the Eligibility Criteria along with a completed application form and application fee, should be submitted to DOGS NSW, PO Box 632, St Marys NSW 1790, or by email: by 14th August 2020.
Please click here for the Foundation Judges' Licence Application Form.

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ACES Monthly Eye Certification Clinics


A supported service to DOGS NSW Members

Please note the dates for Eye Certification Clinics conducted under AVA-ANKC Australian Canine Eye Scheme Rules, for the second half of 2020. Each monthly Eye Clinic will operate from the SECRETARIES HUT on DOGS NSW Grounds from 4.00pm to 7.00pm:

Thursday, 9 July
Thursday, 6 August
Thursday, 10 September
Thursday, 8 October
Thursday, 12 November
Thursday, 10 December

These dates are all confirmed, barring unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate a change, if so this will be advised in good time, depending on Meeting Room availability.

Usually we aim to do the LITTERS FIRST aiming to minimise the exposure of any 8-week-old pups whose initial vaccination response status remains uncertain, to adult dogs coming in from different regions and kennelling situations. To date we have had no issues with litters being exposed to undue health risks, and I will continue to handle them separately.

Scale of Fees applicable at these Clinics – these are flat rates on offer to all Dogs NSW Members, so long as they comply with my reasonable requests to have their paperwork in order and Microchip records readily available, also that their dogs are well disciplined and used to close handling, so that we can get through 20 - 25 dogs in the time available.

Adult ACES Certificates: for the first and second dog under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $120 each, incl. GST and the current AVA processing fee.

Adult ACES Certificates: for the third, fourth and fifth dogs under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $110 each, incl. GST and the current AVA processing fee, for every dog presented. Owners of six or more adult dogs, presented at the same time, are invited to request an individual quote.

Litter rates: usually $60 to $65 per puppy depending on the size of the litter and age at which they are presented, but with a minimum charge of $220 to cover the appointment set up / reporting costs – even for a litter of just one or two.

In those breeds where a once-only Gonioscopy Test is required (usually at 18-24 months and always in addition to a current ACES Adult Exam), the flat rate Gonioscopy Test Fee is $80 per adult – additional to the applicable ACES exam fee, depending on numbers. I generally limit the number of Gonioscopy exams to four, done at the end of the session.

All requests should be emailed to:

Breed Clubs please note: If your members support the idea of a stand-alone ACES Clinic (e.g. in conjunction with a Heart Clinic or approved DNA Test sample collection), separate arrangements may be agreed to, if you book the venue and organise the appointments.

For further information on ACES Eye Certification at Orchard Hills and also in regional areas from time to time, go to the Facebook Group page ACES Eye Clinic - Dogs NSW Members

Bruce Robertson

Dr Bruce Robertson BVSc Cert.V.Ophthal (RCVS) FANZCVS (Ophthalmology)
Veterinary Eye Specialist (Sydney, ret.)

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Basset Hound Club of Victoria Inc - RESCHEDULED TO 2021 DUE TO COVID-19


The National Basset Hound Club of Victoria Inc Show has been scheduled to be held on 29 October 2021 at KCC Park, Skye, Victoria.


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Urgent Advice to Members


In the Weekly Woof circulated to Members on Friday 29th May, DOGS NSW advised that gatherings of up to fifty (50) people were permitted in outdoor areas i.e. at Orchard Hills.

Please be advised it has come to our attention that this information was incorrect. Therefore we advise the maximum number of people permitted in a single gathering outdoors remains limited to ten (10) persons. 

As a consequence the Grounds at Orchard Hills will remain closed until further notice.
DOGS NSW apologises for any inconvenience caused to Members. We are determined to getting back to normal operations as soon as Government regulations allow.

Affiliates may now resume normal activities at their local venues provided that they strictly adhere the Government COVID-19 guidelines and social distancing, i.e., maximum 10 people per venue. Affiliates are covered by insurance at their grounds providing they follow the current Government guidelines, keep records of participants and practice social distancing and hygiene recommendations.  

Please refer to NSW Government Website.

Please refer below to the 'EASING COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS BY STATE' CHART for a guideline.
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Changes to Regulations Part X – Affiliated Bodies, Section 1, Clause 1.3(c)(iii)(B)(i)&(ii)


To view the latest Changes to these Regulations Part X please click here.

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Cancellation of Dogs Queensland FCI Show


Dogs Queensland has confirmed their 2020 FCI Show to be held by the Ipswich Kennel Club on 7 June 2020 has been cancelled due to the current Covid-19 restrictions

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ANKC Statement - Status of the Brachycephalic Breeds in the Netherlands


Please view below an ANKC Statement, dated 22 May, regarding the status of the brachycephalic breeds in the Netherlands.

The Open letter from the President of the FCI, related to the status of the brachycephalic breeds in the Netherlands, has been widely viewed and applauded around the world, ANKC Ltd will be sending a message of support to the FCI and the Dutch Breeders, the statement will carry far greater weight if it has the declared support of the breed clubs and National Breed Councils (where they exist) of the threatened breeds, Affenpinschers, Boston Terriers, British Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Griffon Bruxellois, Japanese Chin, King Charles Spaniels, Pugs, Pekingese and Shih Tzu. Do not think that your breed is safe from this kind of Government Legislation, it may be at present, but who knows what may happen in coming years, some organisations whose objectives include prohibition of people owning animals, are gaining representation in State and Territory Governments and may reach the stage where they hold a balance of power and introduce restrictive breeding regulations, be assured that these political parties plus the RSPCA, AVA and individual Veterinarians will be inspired by such statements as “in the future, breeders must demonstrate that brachycephalic dogs are proven free of conformation related problems” and “the core of the report is a set of criteria about the conformation. When one is exceeded, this will lead to a prohibition of breeding, regardless of the other criteria. The criteria describe exaggerated conformations, which are not desirable within the breeds”. Brachycephalic breeders in Australia must work to ensure that their breed cannot be targeted for exaggerated features, and be able to demonstrate that, where recognised health schemes are available for their, breed they have embraced them.

For clubs to be included in the ANKC letter of support to the FCI and Dutch Breeders, please write to your Member Body or National Breed Councils so they can forward to the ANKC.

Mr Hugh Gent OAM  
President & Chairman of the Board

Dr Karen Hedberg (BVSc)
Sydney Chairperson
ANKC Canine Health & Wellbeing Committee


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Cancellation of Dogs SA 2020 Winter International FCI Show


Dogs SA has confirmed their 2020 Winter International FCI Show scheduled to be held later this month has been cancelled due to the current Covid-19 restrictions.


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