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Dances with Dogs Judges Training Scheme - Expressions of Interest



Eligibility for Admission to Dances With Dogs Judges Training Scheme

To be eligible for admission to the Dances With Dogs Judges Training Scheme, unless the State/Territory Control otherwise approves on the basis of demonstrated exceptional circumstances, an applicant must:-

(a)       be a resident of the relevant State/Territory;

(b)       be a minimum of 18 years of age;

(c)       have been a member of the relevant State/Territory Control for a minimum of one year and be a current financial member;

(d)       have experience in related Club or training activities, whether in DWD or another ANKC discipline;

(e)       have personally  trained  competed with and achieved a minimum of  two qualifying certificates for a dog in Novice Class in either DWD Freestyle or Heelwork to Music.

(f)        commit to contributing to DOGS NSW DWD education of members through instructing voluntarily at DOGS NSW DWD workshops.

(g)       commit to assisting in the running of DOGS NSW DWD competitions - eg stewarding, music checks, set up, score collation, card writing.

(h)       Candidates should provide evidence of the above criteria and outline how they have or are promoting DWD, apart from their own participation in competition (e.g assistance at competitions, workshops etc)"

(i)        application to and acceptance by the relevant Canine Control and payment of the relevant Canine Judges’ fee.

Closing date for applications will be Friday 8 March 2019.

Expressions of Interest should be submitted in writing, for the attention of the Dances With Dogs Committee, to the DOGS NSW Office, PO Box 632, St Marys NSW 1790, or by email to

The Theory Examinations and the Practical Examination will be held on a date to be advised. Successful candidates will be required to attend regular training sessions held by the Dances With Dogs Judges Working Party.

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DOGS NSW Obedience & Tracking Committee - ANKC Ltd Rules Review



The DOGS NSW Obedience & Tracking Committee is calling for submissions for changes to the following ANKC Ltd Rules & Regulations:-

  • ANKC Ltd Rules for the Conduct of Obedience Trials
  • ANKC Ltd Regulations Part 3C: Obedience Trial Judges Training Scheme
  • Rules for the Conduct of Rally Obedience Trials
  • ANKC Ltd Regulations Part 3F: Rally Obedience Trial Judges Training Scheme

Submissions must be forwarded to the Office, for the attention of the Obedience & Tracking Committee, no later than COB on Friday 29 March 2019.


The DOGS NSW Obedience & Tracking Committee advised that it will be conducting a Forum to discuss submissions received.

The Forum, to determine which submissions for the DOGS NSW proposals will be submitted to the 2019 ANKC Ltd Obedience and Rally Obedience Review Conference, will be conducted in the Amenities Building on Friday 10 May 2019, commencing at 7.30pm.

All interested members are invited to attend, however, should voting on any proposal be required, only Financial Members may vote.

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2019 National Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame - CALL FOR NOMINATIONS


Please see attached information regarding the 2019 National Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame, along with nomination forms.

Once completed please return to the DOGS NSW Office.

Nominations are required to be submitted prior to COB 31 May 2019.

2019 National Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame

Outstanding Gundogs

Prominent Persons


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DOGS NSW Long Term Tenure Proposal to State Government


The DOGS NSW proposal for the development of A State Dog Park – highlighting us the hidden asset in Sydney’s West, with a detailed proposal to vary our leasehold to the benefit of DOGS NSW, Local Community and the NSW Government. has been published. Hard copies of the proposal are now with Tanya Davies MP, Local Member for Mulgoa, who is taking the presentation forward for us. Click here to view the presentation.

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OFFICE CLOSURE - Christmas / New Year Period


DOGS NSW Office will be closed from 5.00pm Friday 21 December, (phone lines will close at 4.00pm) and re-open on Tuesday 8 January 2019.

Note: The online system will not be in operation during the above period

Members are also advised that the Complex/Grounds will also be closed on the following days:
Monday 24, Tuesday 25, Wednesday 26 December 2018 and Tuesday 1 January 2019.

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Raw chicken linked to paralysis in dogs


As pet ownership increases across the world, our furry (as well as feathered and scaly) friends have become firmly established members of the family.

Wanting the best for our pets, we often offer special treats, and chicken necks are a favourite in many families – often considered a ‘healthy’ option. But vets are warning raw chicken, particularly chicken necks, can lead to a debilitating and potentially fatal form of paralysis in dogs.

A new study, led by the University of Melbourne’s U-Vet Werribee Animal Hospital, found the consumption of raw chicken meat increases the risk of dogs developing a paralysing condition called acute polyradiculoneuritis (APN) by more than 70 times.

Dr Matthias le Chevoir, chief investigator on the project, says the cause of APN in dogs has baffled the veterinary community for a long time.

“It is a rare but very debilitating condition where the dog’s hind legs first become weak. It can then progress to affect the front legs, neck, head and face. Some dogs may die from the disease if their chest becomes paralysed,” he says. “Most dogs eventually recover without treatment but it may take up to six months or more in some cases.

Please click here to read more of this article, which appears in Australian Food News, 19 December 2018

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Additional Clause - DOGS NSW Regulations Part III - 2019/2020 Conformation Judges Education Program


At the recent Board of Directors meeting, the following was resolved;

 DOGS NSW Regulations Part III-2019/2020 Conformation Judges Education Program

 THAT Regulations Part III-2019/2020 Conformation Judges Education Program be amended by the inclusion of an additional clause, numbered 10.12, as follows:-

 10.12        A Trainee must not travel to of from a Practical Examination with an Assessor/s who has been engaged to assess the Group for which the Trainee will be undertaking a Practical Examination.

AND that the current Clause 10.12 to 10.15 be renumbered accordingly.

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Closing Time for Entries


The DOGS NSW Board of Directors resolved that all Clubs must accept entries up until 12.00 midnight on the advised closing date unless otherwise specified in the relevant Draft Schedule and advertisements.

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Improvements to Booking Process at DOGS NSW Orchard Hills


What are the improvements?

As some of you may be aware, DOGS NSW has been working on a new online bookings system available 24/7.

Since July this year, over 40 Club Officials participated in extensive testing and trialling of a fully automated booking system for Meeting Rooms, areas throughout the Complex, i.e. Earthdog, Show Rings, Equipment, Function Tables, Catering, Camping and Temperament Tests. Members and Affiliates can now make bookings 24/7 on their mobile device, or computer, which will well and truly bring DOGS NSW into the 21st Century!

Bookings can now all be confirmed and managed online, a confirmation will be emailed, and a text message will be sent to you immediately. This is a great improvement on the current process of filling in forms and sending them to the Office and then having to wait for confirmation that that area is available.

Why did we make the change?

The Board of Directors is constantly trying to find new ways to improve services for our Members. This new system brings DOGS NSW closer into line with modern day offerings by most Organisations. The system gives ownership of bookings back to Members and Affiliates, who can now confirm and reserve if show rings are available at the time of their meetings, rather than further follow up with the Office. Bookings for camping and Temperament Tests require immediate payment, however, bookings for Show Rings and all other areas can be reserved with an invoice being sent to the Clubs 60 days prior to the event / booking date. The system is fully automated and will send you reminders to pay before your event date, i.e. at time of booking, 60 days prior to the event, then 45 days, then 30 days, then the final at 15 days. If you do not make payment 15 days from the event, your booking will automatically be cancelled.

You will receive your first invoice when you book, then the next one sixty (60) days prior to the event so you will have time to organise payment through your normal approval procedures. Once booked, you will receive an email and SMS confirmation.

How to pay

You can pay by Credit Card by clicking the link on the “pay now” button under the invoice total, or by direct deposit into DOGS NSW Bank Account. Please be sure to include the booking number as the reference, i.e. CVWR-181218. Although not preferred, cheques are still acceptable when mailed in as long as you include a copy of your booking or booking reference number.

What you need to do

The Office Staff have been busy loading all the permanent bookings for 2019, i.e. Easter and October Long weekends. We understand that some Clubs have been issued letters confirming that they have a permanent booking for each year, however, we do request that you go onto the website and make your bookings for 2020 and beyond, to ensure they are locked in and you are able to manage them in the future.

If you would like to make a booking, go to our website where you can find the bookings section at the top of the page, or go to

Please make sure that you use the same email address and mobile number in your bookings i.e. if different members of your Club make bookings on behalf of your Organisation, they should use the same email address and phone number.

We are here to help

If you are having difficulty, or require assistance, send us an email in the first instance to and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

DOGS NSW would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Members and Clubs who volunteered their time to assist with the testing. Your input and feedback has been invaluable and made many improvements to the system to get it where it is today.

To assist you in working out booking dates for Easter in future years, click on this link to down load a copy of the Extended Show Date Table 2018 - 2026.pdf

To check if your 2019 booking is in the system, you can download the Bookings in System.xlsx

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Judges Contracts




Please be advised that, effective immediately, as soon as a Club receives a signed Judges Contract, a copy must be provided to the DOGS NSW Office.

Judges Contracts should be provided to the DOGS NSW Office at the time the contract is signed and should not wait until the Club lodges its Draft Schedule.

Contracts can be posted to the DOGS NSW Office or emailed to

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