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ACES Monthly Eye Certification Clinics


A supported service to DOGS NSW Members

DOGS NSW Members – please note the dates for Eye Certification Clinics conducted under AVA-ANKC Australian Canine Eye Scheme (ACES) Rules, for the balance of this year. Each monthly Eye Clinic will operate from the SECRETARIES HUT on DOGS NSW Grounds at Orchard Hills (on the concourse overlooking the show rings, behind the main Admin Block). from 4.00pm to 7.00pm.

Each monthly Eye Clinic will operate from the SECRETARIES HUT on Dogs NSW Grounds at Orchard Hills (on the concourse overlooking the show rings, behind the main Admin Block).

Thursday, 7 February (4.00pm to 7.00pm)
Thursday, 7 March (4.00pm to 7.00pm)
Thursday, 11 April (4.00pm to 7.00pm)
Thursday, 9 May (4.00pm to 7.00pm)
Thursday, 13 June (4.00pm to 7.00pm)
Thursday, 11 July (4.00pm to 7.00pm)

These dates are all confirmed, barring unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate a change, if so this will be advised in good time, depending on Meeting Room availability.

Usually we aim to do the LITTERS FIRST aiming to minimise the exposure of any 8-week-old pups whose initial vaccination response status remains uncertain, to adult dogs coming in from different regions and kennelling situations. To date we have had no issues with litters being exposed to undue health risks, and I will continue to handle them separately.

Scale of Fees applicable at these Clinics – these are flat rates on offer to all Dogs NSW Members, so long as they comply with my reasonable requests to have their paperwork in order and Microchip records readily available, also that their dogs are well disciplined and used to close handling, so that we can get through 20 - 25 dogs in the time available.

Adult ACES Certificates: for the first and second dog under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $100 each, incl. GST and the current AVA processing fee.

Adult ACES Certificates: for three or more dogs under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $90 each, incl. GST and the current AVA processing fee.

Litter rates: usually $60 to $65 per puppy depending on the size of the litter and age at which they are presented, but with a minimum charge of $220 to cover the appointment set up / reporting costs – even for a litter of just one or two.

In those breeds where a once-only Gonioscopy Test is required (usually at 18-24 months and always in addition to a current ACES Adult Exam), the flat rate Gonioscopy Test Fee is $70 per adult – additional to the applicable ACES exam fee, depending on numbers. I generally limit the number of Gonioscopy exams to four, done at the end of the session.

All requests should be emailed to:

Breed Clubs please note: If your members support the idea of a stand-alone ACES Clinic (e.g. in conjunction with a Heart Clinic or approved DNA Test sample collection), separate arrangements may be agreed to, if you book the venue and organise the appointments.

For further information on ACES Eye Certification at Orchard Hills and also in regional areas from time to time, go to the Facebook Group page ACES Eye Clinic - Dogs NSW Members

Finally, I want to record my thanks to Dr Rob Zammit and the staff at Vineyard Veterinary Hospital, who have allowed me to conduct limited-availability ACES Clinics for Dogs NSW Members during the last eight months. This allowed me to keep up with urgent requests a bit closer to home and has made things much easier to manage during my rehabilitation.

Bruce Robertson

Dr Bruce Robertson BVSc Cert.V.Ophthal (RCVS) FANZCVS (Ophthalmology)
Veterinary Eye Specialist (Sydney, ret.)

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Amendments to the Regulations


At the October 2018 Board of Directors Meeting, amendments to the following DOGS NSW Regulations were made;

Part II - Show, Section 12: Exhibit, Clause 12.17

Part II - Show, Section 12: Exhibit, Clause 12.23

Part XIII - Code of Ethics, Clause 28

Download amendments

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Annual General Meeting - Wednesday 7 November 2018


THE RNSWCC Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday 7 November 2018 at 7.30pm in the Amenities Building, The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, 44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills.

Please note that members attending the AGM will be required to produce their digital membership card, which will be checked upon entry to ensure that their membership is currently financial.

Agenda - Annual General Meeting

Appointment of Proxy

Completed Proxy forms must be posted to the RNSWCC, PO Box 632, St Marys NSW 1790 or scanned/emailed to the office, so as to be received by no later than 4.30pm on Tuesday 6 November 2018.

2018 Annual Report & Financial Statements

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The Royal Canin International Spring Fair - August 31 - September 2, 2018


The Royal Canin International Spring Fair will soon be here so don’t forget your online entries through SHOWDOGSNSW and remember the Member information night for the CACIB Show.

Please read on for more information on the following:

  • Member Information Night for The Royal Canin International Spring Fair 2018 CACIB Show
  • More about the CACIB Show
  • Steps for entering shows via SHOWDOGSNSW
  • New website

Member Information Night

As we are now gearing up for our largest event on the DOGS NSW show calendar – The Royal Canin International Spring Fair 2018, a member information night is scheduled for Thursday, 9 August at 7.30pm in the Amenities Building, Bill Spilstead Complex Orchard Hills.

The Spring Fair Committee will be running an information night for exhibitors to familiarise themselves with the format for a CACIB show.

The Spring Fair Committee are offering, Challenges, In Group and In Show Awards for ALL classes as well as CACIBS.

More about CACIB Shows

Do you see your dog as being an International Beauty Champion? I bet you do!!

Well folks, a new title signifying exactly that has become available through the ANKC’s Associate Membership of the FCI. This title of FCI International Champion (C.I.B.) is now available in Australia.

To achieve it you will need to receive four CACIB awards in a minimum of two Australian States, under three different Judges, from at least three different FCI Member countries. Have I aroused your attention? Then read on.

Day 1 of the 2018 Royal Canin International Spring Fair will offer CACIB and Reserve CACIB awards to all breeds recognised by FCI. These will be IN ADDITION to your regular Challenge Certificate awards, so you have double the reason to get yourself along to the Friday show of Spring Fair this year.

A very unique feature of this CACIB Show, will be that all breeds are to be judged in the ten FCI Groups, so many of you will find that your breed is up against some quite different opposition to the usual competition. You can check out these Groupings in the Spring Fair Show advertisement in your June Gazette. It is naturally also available at the Spring Fair website.

One thing you will need to understand is that CACIB’s are only available to exhibits which are:

  • Over 15 months of age,
  • Graded by the Judge as being Excellent, and
  • A winner of their Class

After judging all Male classes in Breed, the Judge will firstly (at their discretion) award the usual Challenge and Reserve Challenge Certificate. If the Challenge Winner is eligible for a CACIB, it will automatically receive it. Likewise, a Reserve Challenge winner, if eligible, will receive a Reserve CACIB, but if the Challenge winner was not eligible for a CACIB (e.g. too young), then an eligible Reserve Challenge winner will receive the CACIB and the Judge would then consider a Reserve CACIB from the remaining eligible exhibits. The process is repeated for bitches, however, Best of Breed, as usual, remains a competition between the two Challenge winners.

Group and In-Show Judging will be done in the following sequence; Best in Group/Show 4,3,2,1, Baby, Puppy 4,3,2,1, Junior, Intermediate, Open, Champion; however, note that Best 1,2,3,4 are automatic for their respective Classes.

A very distinguished panel of International Judges has been assembled to adjudicate your entries over the three days of Spring Fair 2018 as well as at a number of Breed Specialty shows being conducted on Thursday 30 August. Our Judges hail from Canada, Ireland, Japan, India, Belgium and Malaysia and bring with them a wealth of international experience in judging, both CACIB and National shows across the globe.

Saturday and Sunday return to the format to which you are all accustomed and I am confident that the usual wonderful entry from all States will be received, such is the popularity of Spring Fair. The organising Committee have offered Sweepstakes across the weekend in eight separate categories, with a Breeder’s Team Event of 4 dogs being featured at the Sunday Show.

For Spring Fair 2018, Dogs NSW has launched its new online entry portal: which you enter with your usual Online Services login and password. Try it, it is just so easy.

Steps for entering Shows via SHOWDOGSNSW

  1. Click here and login using your State's Member Body Online Member Services login and password (This is the login you use to lookup pedigrees, register litters and renew your membership online). If you have forgotten this, please click here
  2. Click on "+Enter" against the show you wish to enter
  3. You will then see a Search Dog box where you key in your dog's Registration Number or part of the Registered Name. Select the dog you want from your list (ALL yours, Owned and Co-Owned are there! - No input required) and then Click Next.
  4. You are then taken to a Screen where you can check all of your Dog's details. You cannot change anything here, because it is the official ANKC record. (If you believe something is wrong, it will probably require an Application by you to your Member Body to have it changed)
  5. When finished, Click Next. It then takes you to a Screen where you can select any Class for which the dog is eligible (including Sweepstakes). When selected Click "Add Another Dog" and repeat steps 3 & 4 or "Next" again.
  6. If you had clicked Next the next screen shows you a summary of the payments required and also offers you the opportunity to purchase a Catalogue
  7. If you wish to enter more Shows in this transaction you can click "Enter more Show" tab which takes you back to the main screen to enter
  8. Click on Pay By Card, once you have entered your credit card details and submit, you will be sent an email confirmation

You can find a help guide at the bottom of the log in screen or click here to download

Should you have any queries regarding the new entry system please contact the DOGS NSW Office on 9834 3022 or email

New Spring Fair website

DOGS NSW has launched a new SPRING FAIR Website. Please see link below to view the fabulous new site with details on Schedules, Entering Online, Judges, Accommodation, Forms, Results, CACIB Show, plus Helpful Information:

The site can also be accessed from the DOGS NSW APP!

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Show DOGS NSW - Royal Canin Spring Fair Entries Now Open


DOGS NSW is pleased to advise that the new entry system is now available.

The DOGS NSW Royal Canin Spring Fair Shows are available to enter here:

To log in you will require your online services user details. If you have forgotten this, please click here

You can find a help guide at the bottom of the log in screen.

Should you have any queries regarding the new entry system please contact the DOGS NSW Office on 9834 3022 or email

Download Spring Fair Show Notice

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DOGS NSW advertisement now up on Gumtree


DOGS NSW now have an online advertisement currently placed under the Pet Services category of Gumtree.

It is hoped that this ad educates the public and prompts them to contact DOGS NSW for responsible, ethical breeders and breed clubs, when they are searching for a puppy.

Please go to the following link to view:

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Steward's Course


Steward's Course in the Illawarra - don't forget.

Stewards' Course is on on Saturday (21st) at Dapto Leagues Club, 9am start.

More details will be advised later on Albion Park Facebook page.

If you've put your name down, please make sure you are there.

You can still come along if you haven't booked - let any friends know who might be interested. It is open to everyone.

If you need more information, email

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Dog Breeder Evening Seminar - 19 April 2018


Now, in the supposed information era, there is much mis-information about dogs, and yet there is so much to learn.

“While ever I work with dogs I learn something new about them – everyday!” Dr Robert Zammit.

Consequently, we have embarked on the presentation of a series of seminars, gathering experts in the field of canine science, be it behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, genetics and the host of other headings under the husbandry and science of this species.

At the end of each seminar there will be question time on the topics followed by an open forum where you can ask various experts, including Dr Robert Zammit and others any questions that they may help you with or they may need to research before the next seminar.

The next seminar is booked for Thursday April 19. The Topic will be: 'The sense and nonsense of cardiac health screening in breeding dogs.' Lecturer will be from Sydney University, Prof. Niek Beijerink DVM PhD Dipl. ECVIM-CA (Cardiology).

*Read about the breakthrough cardiac surgery being performed with Prof. Niek Beijerink at Sydney University, in an article featured in Dogs NSW February magazine.

Dr Zammit will also be giving a presentation titled "Infertility in the Bitch".

Notes will be provided, as per previous lectures, as well as light refreshments.

Thursday, 19th April, 2018 

The Bill Spilstead Canine Complex

44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills

The lecture will commence at 7.00pm. 

To RSVP for the April seminar please email or phone 96271257 (Bus. Hours).

* New seminar dates for 2018 are being planned at present and we will inform you when dates are confirmed. 

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Minister Directs New Approach For Breeders And Pet Shops


The NSW Government today announced that it will start again on the development of new draft welfare standards and guidelines (S&G’s) for pet shops and breeders of cats and dogs.

Minister for Primary Industries, Niall Blair said that after listening to the feedback from stakeholders he has directed his department to go back and to develop a new way forward, which will be spearheaded by a newly created role of NSW Chief Animal Welfare Officer.

“Over the last four months, we consulted stakeholders across the board and what we heard was that the draft S&G’s proposed were missing the mark,” Mr Blair said.

“I want the Department of Primary Industries (DPI) to start again.  I have asked them to work from the ground up and to make sure we are clearer about the objectives we are trying to meet.

“The draft S&G’s aimed to improve welfare outcomes for pets. Despite DPI’s best intentions, they acknowledge that the drafts, as they were presented, would have had unintended consequences for some pet owners, breeders and traders.

“My department is committed to a renewed approach and the new Chief Animal Welfare Officer will drive engagement and ensure a meaningful discussion is had with all stakeholders.

“This change in approach does not diminish our commitment to ensuring that companion animals breeding practices are safe, ethical and meet community expectations.”

The NSW Government has committed to launch a new and improved pet register later this year, which will streamline registration and improve how animal welfare agencies track and record pet breeding businesses

DPI will also review the advisory committees that provide advice to the Government on animal welfare issues to ensure they’re structured properly and most importantly, meeting community expectations.

In the interim, the existing codes, which have been in place for a decade, will continue to apply.

MEDIA: Evie Madden | Minister Blair | 0409 682 163

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Stewards Training


Stewards Training will be held at Dapto Leagues Club, Old Princes Highway, Dapto on Saturday 21 April, commencing at 9.00 am

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