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Improvements to Booking Process at DOGS NSW Orchard Hills


What are the improvements?

As some of you may be aware, DOGS NSW has been working on a new online bookings system available 24/7.

Since July this year, over 40 Club Officials participated in extensive testing and trialling of a fully automated booking system for Meeting Rooms, areas throughout the Complex, i.e. Earthdog, Show Rings, Equipment, Function Tables, Catering, Camping and Temperament Tests. Members and Affiliates can now make bookings 24/7 on their mobile device, or computer, which will well and truly bring DOGS NSW into the 21st Century!

Bookings can now all be confirmed and managed online, a confirmation will be emailed, and a text message will be sent to you immediately. This is a great improvement on the current process of filling in forms and sending them to the Office and then having to wait for confirmation that that area is available.

Why did we make the change?

The Board of Directors is constantly trying to find new ways to improve services for our Members. This new system brings DOGS NSW closer into line with modern day offerings by most Organisations. The system gives ownership of bookings back to Members and Affiliates, who can now confirm and reserve if show rings are available at the time of their meetings, rather than further follow up with the Office. Bookings for camping and Temperament Tests require immediate payment, however, bookings for Show Rings and all other areas can be reserved with an invoice being sent to the Clubs 60 days prior to the event / booking date. The system is fully automated and will send you reminders to pay before your event date, i.e. at time of booking, 60 days prior to the event, then 45 days, then 30 days, then the final at 15 days. If you do not make payment 15 days from the event, your booking will automatically be cancelled.

You will receive your first invoice when you book, then the next one sixty (60) days prior to the event so you will have time to organise payment through your normal approval procedures. Once booked, you will receive an email and SMS confirmation.

How to pay

You can pay by Credit Card by clicking the link on the “pay now” button under the invoice total, or by direct deposit into DOGS NSW Bank Account. Please be sure to include the booking number as the reference, i.e. CVWR-181218. Although not preferred, cheques are still acceptable when mailed in as long as you include a copy of your booking or booking reference number.

What you need to do

The Office Staff have been busy loading all the permanent bookings for 2019, i.e. Easter and October Long weekends. We understand that some Clubs have been issued letters confirming that they have a permanent booking for each year, however, we do request that you go onto the website and make your bookings for 2020 and beyond, to ensure they are locked in and you are able to manage them in the future.

If you would like to make a booking, go to our website where you can find the bookings section at the top of the page, or go to

Please make sure that you use the same email address and mobile number in your bookings i.e. if different members of your Club make bookings on behalf of your Organisation, they should use the same email address and phone number.

We are here to help

If you are having difficulty, or require assistance, send us an email in the first instance to and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

DOGS NSW would like to take this opportunity to thank all the Members and Clubs who volunteered their time to assist with the testing. Your input and feedback has been invaluable and made many improvements to the system to get it where it is today.

To assist you in working out booking dates for Easter in future years, click on this link to down load a copy of the Extended Show Date Table 2018 - 2026.pdf

To check if your 2019 booking is in the system, you can download the Bookings in System.xlsx

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Judges Contracts




Please be advised that, effective immediately, as soon as a Club receives a signed Judges Contract, a copy must be provided to the DOGS NSW Office.

Judges Contracts should be provided to the DOGS NSW Office at the time the contract is signed and should not wait until the Club lodges its Draft Schedule.

Contracts can be posted to the DOGS NSW Office or emailed to

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Proposed Off-Leash Dog Area - JJ Kelly Park, Wollongong Deadline for Member Comments


Wollongong City Council is proposing to use a significant part of J J Kelly Park as an Off-Leash Dog Area. As the deadline for comment is drawing near, i.e. Monday 10th December 2018, it is important that the message is made public for affected members to comment ASAP.

Please refer to following link:  for all further information.

Plus  highlights the affected area of J J Kelly Park in Council’s proposal.

The close of engagement for public comment is on the 10th December 2018.

As DOGS NSW Directors Russell Britten and Rob Harbin have been provided with all the information regarding this matter, they should be in a position to address questions raised by members in their area. There contact details are as follows:

Russell Britten
Phone: 02 4228 8527
Mobile: 0428 427 500

Rob Harbin
Mobile: 0402 256 686

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Amendment to DOGS NSW Regulation


Regulations Part II-Show, Section 13: Application for Entry of an Exhibit, Clause 13.2, which reads as follows:-

13.2      A dog shall be entered and exhibited under its full name including:-

(13) prefix;
(13) words, letters or symbols;
(13) registered number; and
(13) date of birth.

Be amended to read:

13.2      A dog shall be entered and exhibited under its full name including:-

(i) prefix;
(ii) words, letters or symbols;
(iii) registered number; and
(iv) date of birth.

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Notice is hereby given that the next meeting of National Breed Councils will be held on Saturday, 27 July 2019 commencing at 10.00 a.m. at:

Dogs Victoria Bulla Exhibition Centre
Calabria Club
5 Uniting Lane
BULLA  Victoria  3428

National Breed Councils are invited to submit agenda items for this meeting to the ANKC Administrator, by no later than COB 3 June 2019 to allow sufficient time for the agenda to be promulgated prior to the meeting.

National Breed Councils are invited to send two representatives to attend the meeting. The names of your representatives are to be submitted to the ANKC Administrator, by no later than COB 12 July 2019.

Only those delegates confirmed by their respective National Breed Council will be permitted entry to the meeting.

T Barry
ANKC Ltd Administrator

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Digital Signatures


At its recent meeting, the DOGS NSW Board of Directors resolved the following:-

THAT DOGS NSW accepts digital signatures from its members, when required.

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Amendments to the DOGS NSW Regulations


Regulations Part XII-Interpretations-Show Committee

THAT Regulations Part XII-Interpretations-Show Committee be amended to include the following Clause after the first paragraph so that it reads:-


"Show Committee" 
(for the purposes of Regulations Part II–Show, Section 14.10 only) 

means a Committee consisting of any three Show Officials of the event, excluding officiating Judges, and at any inquiry meeting convened under that Section, shall require all three to be present in person. (09/11)

The DOGS NSW Representative shall attend and observe any inquiry held at a Recognised Show in relation to an Aggressive Dog Incident for the purposes of reporting only.  The Representative should not be asked for advice by any party to the inquiry. (11/18)

Deleted (12/13)

The Show Committee shall elect one of its three Members to act as Chairman of any meeting. (09/11)

 If any member of the Show Committee is interested in any way, personally, or through family, or ownership of animals involved, in any matter before the Show Committee, that member must stand down and be replaced by a different person from the Affiliate or Agricultural Association, as appropriate. (10/97)











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Amendment to the DOGS NSW Regulations


Regulations Part X-Affiliates Bodes, Clause (c)(iii)(A)

THAT Regulations Part X-Affiliated Bodies, Clause 1.3:  Affiliation with DOGS NSW, Clause (c)(iii)(A), which currently reads as follows:-

(c)       its application is in writing signed by its Secretary for the time being addressed to and lodged with the DOGS NSW Secretary and is accompanied by:-

           (iii)      a certificate signed by its President and Secretary stating that the applicant has,
                      in the case of:-

                     (A)      a specialist club, at least ten (10) financial members each of whom is:-
                               (i)    a financial member of DOGS NSW or another State member Body and
                               (ii)   the owner of a specimen of the breed registered on an ANKC Ltd
                                      National Register in respect of which the club is a specialist or semi group
                                      club. (07/16)

Be amended to read:-

(c)       its application is in writing signed by its Secretary for the time being addressed to and
           lodged with the DOGS NSW Secretary and is accompanied by:-

           (iii)      a certificate signed by its President and Secretary stating that the applicant has,
                      in the case of:-
                     (A)    a specialist club or semi group club, at least ten (10) financial members each
                             of whom is:-
                             (i)     a financial member of DOGS NSW or another State member Body and
                             (ii)    the owner of a specimen of the breed registered on an ANKC Ltd National
                                     Register in respect of which the club is a specialist or semi group club.


THAT an additional Clause, numbered (C) be included to read:-

                     (C)    a group club, at least ten (10) financial members each of whom is:-
                              (i)      a financial member of DOGS NSW or another State member Body and
                              (ii)     the owner of a specimen of a breed, registered on an ANKC Ltd National
                                        Register, from the group which the club represents. (11/18)

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Statement On The Future Of The Anatolian Shepherd Dog In Australia


In June 2018, at the request of the Turkish Kennel Club, Kopek Irklari ve Kinoloji Federasyonu (KIF) the General Committee of the FCI, in relation to FCI Breed Standard 331 Anatolian Shepherd Dog, approved a change in the breed name to Kangal, and a new Standard.

Having regard to the disruption caused in Australia in 1998, by the separation of Anatolians and Kangals, ANKC Ltd sought further information from KIF expressing the concern that the change would have a deleterious effect on some owners of Anatolians who would be angry at again having to change their breed name and not being able to breed any of their dogs who did not conform to the new standard, the following response was received from the President of KIF, Umit Ozkanal.

“they do not have to be angry. We have just corrected a very big mistake!. Turkey is a very big country and there are at least 5 different shepherd dogs. There is no breed called Anatolian here in Turkey. Those who have dogs away from the standard will not breed their dogs officially since there is no breed called like that. They still keep their beloved dogs but no breeding under Kangal please”  

In August 2018 ANKC Ltd advised that any member who wished to change from Anatolian Shepherd Dog to Kangal Shepherd Dog should contact their relevant Member Body office with full details of the dog they wish to change by 12th October 2018, which was just prior to the ANKC Board Meeting,
when there would be a review of the number of dogs still registered as Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.

This announcement resulted in a large amount of correspondence to ANKC Ltd and it became apparent that whatever decision the Directors made on the future of Anatolians in Australia it would not be unanimously accepted. The submissions from both sides of the argument were very impassioned and indicated the breeding expertise and large amount of money that has been invested in developing the Anatolian breed in Australia. Despite the ANKC Ltd even handed approach in giving all Anatolian breeders the opportunity to voice their opinion we received threats of legal action if a decision was made that disenfranchised certain breeders, the following statements illustrate the divide amongst breeders.

“We believe that it would be highly disrespectful to KIF to disregard their wishes regarding Anatolian Shepherds and it would be convoluted to adopt, for example, the AKC Anatolian Shepherd Dog Standard. The parties opposed to having their dogs not listed as Kangal are those whose dogs don’t comply with the new standard, in particular, in terms of colour”

“The new breed standard from FCI/Turkey is not in keeping with 2018 community standards for the breeding of healthy and sound working / farm dogs, as the new standard decimates the gene pool and falls into the 'poor kennel club breed decision' rhetoric of pedigree dogs exposed - culling healthy dogs from the gene pool based on modern arbitrary show 'ideals'.”

All correspondence was considered by the Directors and the National Breed Standards Coordination Group, and prior to discussion at the ANKC Ltd Board Meeting it was reviewed by Member Bodies. Comments were received from people claiming to be Anatolian breeders who were not financial members of any ANKC Member Body or were not recorded as having ever registered a litter with ANKC Ltd.

In determining how many members would be affected by their decision the Directors noted that in Australia there were only five (5) current Financial ANKC Ltd Anatolian Shepherd breeders.

At the Board Meeting held on 13th/14th October 2018

It was resolved that ANKC Ltd adopt the National Breed Standards Coordination Group recommendation to retain both breeds with Kangal Shepherd Dogs to use the current FCI standard and the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs to use the Kennel Club (UK) standard. Anatolian Shepherd Dogs which meet the requirements of the Kangal Shepherd Dog have until 31 December 2018 to transfer to the Kangal Shepherd Dog register.

Current breeders and owners are the Guardians of the breed and must be vigilant to ensure that only Anatolian Shepherd Dogs which meet the requirements of the Kangal Shepherd Dog Standard are accepted as Kangals, recent Facebook Postings give cause for concern that some people owning Anatolians who have not applied to be re classified as Kangals are promoting them as such whilst not meeting the requirements, concerns should be reported to the relevant Member Body.

ANKC has received a number of inquiries as to the eligibility of Anatolians and Kangals with pedigrees from organisations other than the FCI, to provide answers to these queries ANKC will need to consult with the FCI, KIF the AKC and the Kennel Club, this process will obviously take some months, if before definitive answers can be provided, any of the detailed scenarios arise they will be considered by ANKC on an individual basis after consultation with the relevant Kennel Club to authenticate the dogs Pedigree.

At the time of this Statement 14/10/2018 there are only 4 (four) Kangals registered with the ANKC.

Hugh Gent OAM

President & Chairman of the Board of Directors

November 2018

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Briefing for new Tracking and Track & Search Rules


The Obedience & Tracking Committee would like to invite all interested parties to a Seminar on the changes to the Tracking and Track & Search Rules, which become effective in January 2019.

The Seminar will be held on Friday 1 February 2019 at 7:30pm in the Amenities Building.

Speakers will include Mrs Deborah Lamprecht, a Tracking and Track & Search Judge from Queensland.

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