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ACES Monthly Eye Certification Clinics


A supported service to DOGS NSW Members

Please note the dates for Eye Certification Clinics conducted under AVA-ANKC Australian Canine Eye Scheme Rules, for the first half of 2020. Each monthly Eye Clinic will operate from the SECRETARIES HUT on DOGS NSW Grounds from 4.00pm to 7.00pm:

Thursday, 6 February

Thursday, 12 March
Thursday, 9 April
Thursday, 7 May
Thursday, 11 June
Thursday, 9 July

These dates are all confirmed, barring unforeseen circumstances that may necessitate a change, if so this will be advised in good time, depending on Meeting Room availability.

Usually we aim to do the LITTERS FIRST aiming to minimise the exposure of any 8-week-old pups whose initial vaccination response status remains uncertain, to adult dogs coming in from different regions and kennelling situations. To date we have had no issues with litters being exposed to undue health risks, and I will continue to handle them separately.

Scale of Fees applicable at these Clinics – these are flat rates on offer to all Dogs NSW Members, so long as they comply with my reasonable requests to have their paperwork in order and Microchip records readily available, also that their dogs are well disciplined and used to close handling, so that we can get through 20 - 25 dogs in the time available.

Adult ACES Certificates: for the first and second dog under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $120 each, incl. GST and the current AVA processing fee.

Adult ACES Certificates: for three or more dogs under the same ownership and booked at the same time: $100 each, incl. GST and the current AVA processing fee, for every dog presented.

Litter rates: usually $60 to $65 per puppy depending on the size of the litter and age at which they are presented, but with a minimum charge of $220 to cover the appointment set up / reporting costs – even for a litter of just one or two.

In those breeds where a once-only Gonioscopy Test is required (usually at 18-24 months and always in addition to a current ACES Adult Exam), the flat rate Gonioscopy Test Fee is $80 per adult – additional to the applicable ACES exam fee, depending on numbers. I generally limit the number of Gonioscopy exams to four, done at the end of the session.

All requests should be emailed to:

Breed Clubs please note: If your members support the idea of a stand-alone ACES Clinic (e.g. in conjunction with a Heart Clinic or approved DNA Test sample collection), separate arrangements may be agreed to, if you book the venue and organise the appointments.

For further information on ACES Eye Certification at Orchard Hills and also in regional areas from time to time, go to the Facebook Group page ACES Eye Clinic - Dogs NSW Members

Bruce Robertson

Dr Bruce Robertson BVSc Cert.V.Ophthal (RCVS) FANZCVS (Ophthalmology)
Veterinary Eye Specialist (Sydney, ret.)

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Royal Canin Donation to Bushfire Appeal

Our major sponsor, Royal Canin has come to DOGS NSW aid, with massive assistance for our Bushfire Appeal. This week they have delivered to Orchard Hills a huge amount of dog food, plus dog collars, leads, waste bag dispensers, collapsible bowls, car seat covers, spray bottles and tennis balls.
DOGS NSW would like to thank Royal Canin for this most generous donation to those suffering devastating losses and hardship, due to the bush fires currently ravaging NSW. DOGS NSW will ensure that assistance is offered to those families and dogs in need and we are very grateful to Royal Canin for such wonderful support to this cause.
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Responsible Pet Education Program - We need staff in Wagga Wagga, Cootamundra, Narrandera, Albury or surrounding areas


Are you looking for a rewarding satisfying position that allows you to take your dog to work? 

Then please consider taking part in the Responsible Pet Ownership Education Program which currently runs in NSW. Pet Educators and their dogs visit Preschools and Schools to promote responsible pet ownership and living safely with dogs to children. Sound interesting? Does this fit you and your dog?

 The program is now calling for expressions of interest from enthusiastic people to fill some vacancies. If you enjoy talking to children, have the time, own a happy healthy dog (18 months – 8 years) that resides with you and enjoys socialising with children of all ages, please consider this program.

You need:

  • To own a fit and healthy (dog)s between the age of 18 months to 8 years of age
  • Ideally small to medium breeds (approximately 56cms at point of shoulder) 
  • Have a current driver’s licence and a reliable car
  • Be available a minimum of two days per week, sessional work and paid
  • Undergo a Working with Children Check
  • Your dog to undergo a suitability test

What does an educator do:

Pet Educators visit schools and kindergartens to promote the message of responsible pet ownership to children. Please note these positions are casual and appropriate remuneration is applicable for this job. Please click here to see the video.

If you want to share the video with your networks, click here to use this YouTube link:

For further information please contact: Responsible Pet Ownership Office for an application on 1800 000 776 or email

Applications close Friday 29 November, 2019.

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WANTED: Responsible Pet Ownership Education Program Dog Support Team Member – Dog Trainer


Job Overview

Reporting to the Program Manager Responsible Pet Ownership, the Dog Support Team (DST) Member will evaluate, test and train dog handler teams for the RPO Program. Facilitate professional development for both existing educators and trainee educators and continually research to improve on current procedures.

You have extensive knowledge of best practice of dog training theory and practical application and demonstrated experience planning, analysing and reporting on individual training schedules for dogs with challenges.

You will establish and maintain collaborative partnerships with all components of the RPO program including the program managers, learning and development team, educators and applicants to work towards and achieving the program’s goals.

The position will provide state-wide training and professional development of RPOP staff in the development and implementation of project plans.

Applications will close on 29 November 2019.

Position Title

Dog Support Team Member – Dog Trainer


Casual / contract

Hours of work

Varied to meet the client’s requirements



NSW Metro region, Northern NSW region, Southern NSW Region, Western NSW Region


Further Information

Lea Cogley



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A survey was conducted by ANKC Ltd earlier this year to ascertain the feedback from all owners of registered Labrador Retrievers in relation to the Minimum Breeding Age for Labrador bitches being 18 months at the time of mating (unless a veterinary certificate is produced stating that for health reasons the bitch should be mated before 18 months).  The response received indicated support.


As this was an amendment to current regulations, the result of the survey was referred to the ANKC Board of Directors for consideration at their October 2019 Special Board meeting where it was endorsed.


As a consequence the following new clause will be added to Regulations Part 6 – The Register & Registration which will be effective from 1 January, 2020:


8.12.2  The Minimum Breeding Age for Labrador Retriever bitches must be 18 months at the time of mating (unless a veterinary certificate is produced stating that for health reasons the bitch should be mated before 18 months).  Breeders of litters whelped on or after 1st June, 2020, will be required to comply with the requirements as a prerequisite to registration of any litter on the ANKC Ltd Main Register. Litters which do not meet the above requirements will only be able to be placed on the Limited Register and will be flagged not to be upgraded.



Tracey Barry


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Emergency Survival Plan + DOGS NSW Donation Relief



In light of the recent and current bush fires that are ravaging NSW, please take the time to put together a survival plan in case of emergency. The weather is not set to improve in the near future, in fact CATASTROPHIC CONDITIONS are forecast for today, Tuesday 12 November. Taking the time to discuss a plan, can save you, your family’s and your animals' lives.

For advice on a plan of action, please visit click here.

To view fires in your area, and regular updates from the Rural Fire Service, please click here

If you and your dogs find yourself in need of emergency assistance, the Australian Dog Community group may be able to assist. Please click here

Please be aware that Evacuation points are located at DOGS NSW grounds at Orchard Hills Showgrounds and we are currently working on identifying other suitable locations for safe zones in Country Regions. Advice on this will be circulated as soon as it comes to hand.

Plans include future fundraising activities are under consideration, however this is not a priority at present. It is important that the assistance we offer is strategically targeted to assist members and is effective and timely in its deliverance.

We have been advised that one of our members has been devastated by the current bush fires, and lost everything they own. DOGS NSW is appealing to members for assistance with monetary donations or donations of non-perishable items, dog food, crates, bowls, dog beds, along with any items which would assist our members with their dogs at this time of need.

Please email the office at or call on 02 9834 3022, and the office staff will take your name and details. All donations will be gratefully received and can be dropped off at DOGS NSW Office at Orchard Hills. These will be stored until distribution can be arranged to those in need.

It would also be advantageous to develop a stockpile of these type of items in preparation for any future needs that may need addressing in future emergency situations.


The following was a FB posting from Anne Sorraghan reprinted here with her permission.

• Do you have your woollen jumper, jeans, boots, mask, hat and goggles at the door? Covering up can save you.
• Fuel driven fire pumps may not work as the fire sucks the oxygen away 1/2 a kilometre ahead of the front!
• Windows melt!
• Spot fires erupt 15kms ahead of the front!
• The horrific winds blow trees over the roads so you can't escape.
• Visibility is zero in thick smoke.
• Burning logs and a million embers land on the roof carried by the fire storm!

While we patrolled the house as it burned, spraying against window ledges and the roof, outside the fire would go out, then erupt again, then go out, as the oxygen was used up. Inside kept us alive. Our neighbour asphyxiated beside his pool.

Have you tested how long it takes to pack the kids and dogs in the car?
Your dog trailer will NOT save your dog’s escaping through a fire! Fit them all in the car if you have to leave through flames.


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The Agenda for the President and Secretaries meeting can be viewed here

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Junior Kennel Club  - Annual General Meeting


The Junior Kennel Club's Annual General Meeting will be held at DOGS NSW - The Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs, Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills.

Date: Monday 21 October 2019

Time: Commencing at 7:00pm

All Members are welcome to attend.



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RNSWCC Annual Report 2019


The 2019 Royal NSW Canine Council Annual Report can now be viewed by clicking here.

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Take your Dog to Work - Responsible Pet Ownership Program



Apply to be a Pet Educator with the Responsible Pet Ownership Program. You will teach children to live safely with dogs and promote responsible pet ownership in preschools and schools.

If you have a happy, healthy dog aged between 18 months and eight years old who lives with you and enjoy working with children call 1800 000 776 or email

Now recruiting for flexible, casual roles across New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Click here to view the video.

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