Trick Dog

Trick Dog Competition is a new ANKC discipline’ which will be an official event in January 2020. Developed by members of Dances With Dogs discipline, the intention of Trick Dogs is to encourage handlers to teach their dogs skills and to display behaviours in a positive environment.

Trick Dog Competition commences at the Starter Class. The handler selects (6) six tricks which the dog enjoys doing from a list of fifteen (15) and following training the handler and dog team compete to gain their Trick Dog Title Starter (TK.S.). Novice is the next class and as the dog and handler gain more experience the Tricks are more difficult and the number of Tricks increases to 8. Intermediate Class requires 8 Tricks for competition and each Trick is more difficult in execution and duration. The Advanced class the dog is required to perform a selection of 10 Advanced Tricks from a list of 25 Trick descriptions.

As many of the tricks are simply an extension of basic obedience training, teaching your dog foundation Tricks can parallel your dog's training.  Teaching your dog tricks must be fun. You can teach your dog many tricks, but your dog must truly be enjoying itself.  Sessions should be short and fun for both dog and handler.

The ANKC Trick Dog Rules are designed in such a way that handlers and dogs of all abilities are able to compete and enjoy themselves.

Trick Dog Competitions became ANKC Titled events in January 2020.




Saturday, 6 March 2021 - Trick Dog Novice & Starter Only Competition - Click here for schedule

Sunday, 28 March 2021 - Trick Dog Competition - Click here for schedule