Forms can be printed out and once completed, sign and mail to:

PO Box 632
St Marys NSW, 1790.

If you require an application form to be printed and sent to you please email the Office and advise what form you would like posted. Email DOGS NSW.

Don’t forget!

All concession card holders must lodge a photocopy of their entitlement to a concessional discount with the office before receiving any discount, for example, Pension Concession Card, Disability Support Pension Card etc.

Copies of the original microchip/tattoo paperwork must accompany any application form if you require the number/s to be recorded on the Certificate of Registration & Pedigree.


Scale of Charges Member Applications
Scale of Charges Affiliate Applications
Order Form
Book Shop Order Form
Stationary Order Form

General Applications

Application to register a Litter
Additional Progeny to Accompany a Litter Application
Microchip Handout Flyer for Breeders
Application to register a dog on the Associate Register
Application to register a dog on the Sporting Register
Application to be accepted as a Variety of Gundog
Application for a Title [Titles Available]

Please refer to ANKC Ltd Website for prerequisites for ANKC Ltd Titles. Information can be found on the Rules page or Regulations Part 5

Application for Change of Dogs Name
Application for Change of Dogs Name - Add Prefix Suffix
Application for Border Collie Change of Colour/Coat (Long or Smooth)
Application for a Duplicate
Application for a Data Extraction
Application for DOGS NSW Photographer Agreement
Application for Extended Pedigree
Application for Membership
Application for Re-Registration (Imported Dog)
Application for Re-Registration (Stud Dog)
Application for Re-Registration (Campaign Dog)
Change of Address Form
Identification (to add more information to your dogs record)
Application to have dog recorded as Neutered/Spayed 
Certificate of Fitness
Statutory Declaration
Signature of Authority


Application for Export of a dog


Application to Transfer
Application to Lease or Cancel Lease
Local Government Form for change of ownership
Application to Transfer from Limited to Main Register
Application Transfer from Main to Limited Register
Application Neuter - Transfer from Limited to Main Register


ANKC Application for Registration and Collection of Semen from an Australian Dog
Application for Registration and Collection of Semen from an Imported Dog
ANKC Certificate of Use Form (To be submitted with Litter Application)
DOGS NSW Application to Transfer/Export Semen

Non-Breeding Agreement

Non-Breeding Agreement
Non-Breeding Agreement - Cancellation

Kennel Name (Breeders Prefix)

Application for Breeders Prefix
Application for Transfer of a Prefix

Non Registrable Docked Dog

Application for certification by DOGS NSW that a dog is not a Non Registrable docked dog

German Shepherd Dog (Long Stock Coat - Langstockhaar)

Please refer to the ANKC Ltd website for forms in relation to application and verification of changing to LSC.

Grounds Form

Camping & grounds booking
Casual Vendor Agreement


Use our Form Checklist to check you’ve submitted your paperwork correctly.