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DOGS NSW supports government initiative, but not to harm responsible hobby breeding


DOGS NSW, the peak body for all purebred dogs in New South Wales, has submitted an extensive response to the proposed revision of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Breeding Dogs and Cats) Standards 2017 under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Regulation 2012.

DOGS NSW supports the government’s initiative to ensure the welfare of all puppies bred in NSW, as well as the revision of the POCTA Standards and Guidelines to ensure that substandard puppy farms are eliminated, and intensive commercial breeding facilities are regulated appropriately. But we do not want responsible hobby breeding to be harmed in any way,” said Brian Crump, spokesperson for DOGS NSW.

With more than 9,000 members of pedigree breeders and dog owners, DOGS NSW is a globally-recognised peak body that promotes breeding, showing, trialling, obedience and other canine-related activities, and the ownership of temperamentally and physically sound purebred dogs - registered with the Australian National Kennel Council (ANKC) in NSW.

DOGS NSW’s submission follows a lengthy consultation with members, including a meeting live-streamed online on December 18 to an audience of 22,000 dog lovers from across the country.

DOGS NSW’s proposal encourages responsible breeding “DOGS NSW’s re-draft of the POCTA Standards and Guidelines will allow for successful regulation of intensive commercial breeding facilities, whilst not imposing punitive restrictions on small-scale hobby breeders. Particularly those who - as members of DOGS NSW - are already regulated and accountable to the DOGS NSW Code of Ethics,” said Mr Crump.

"The DOGS NSW Code of Ethics has been in place for many years and is stringently enforced by DOGS NSW through its compliance and judicial regime", he added.

DOGS NSW further seeks to distinguish between hobby breeding and intensive commercial breeding where more than ten breeding bitches are involved.

“We strongly believe that, should the Standards and Guidelines be introduced, small scale DOGS NSW breeders will be unable to meet the exhaustive commercial requirements, thus pushing the breeding of dogs and cats directly towards the large commercial enterprises,” said Mr Crump. “The likely impacts would include a reduction of pedigree breeds, the demise of DOGS NSW flagship events and sports and compliance monitoring by DOGS NSW and welfare standards would be negatively impacted.”

DOGS NSW breeders make a positive difference in society by supplying puppies to organisations such as NSW Police, Assistance Dogs Australia and Guide Dogs NSW/ACT.

“We hope the Minister (The Hon Niall Blair MLC) will recognise the very special position that DOGS NSW breeders hold in the community with their ongoing health testing and ability to breed dogs fit for purpose (ie working dogs, assistance dogs),” said Mr Crump.  “We look further to discussing how we may assist the Government in their commendable efforts to ensure improved health and welfare for all canines in NSW.”

DOGS NSW urges members and all dog lovers to contact their local member of Parliament and raise their concerns about the profound impact these Standards will have on the future of purebred dogs in NSW.

Members attention is directed to the following documents;

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Importing British Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers into Australia


Members are reminded of the following ANKC Ltd Regulation, Part 6, Clause 3.11b, which reads in part as follows;

3.11   b.    All British Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers imported into Australia be physically viewed prior to being able to be ANKC registered into Australia. 

To read the full regualtion, please follow the link to the ANKC Ltd Regulations.

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Dog Breeder Evening Seminar - 20 February 2018


Now, in the supposed information era, there is much mis-information about dogs, and yet there is so much to learn.

“While ever I work with dogs I learn something new about them – everyday!” Dr Robert Zammit.

Consequently, we have embarked on the presentation of a series of seminars, gathering experts in the field of canine science, be it behaviour, nutrition, reproduction, genetics and the host of other headings under the husbandry and science of this species.

At the end of each seminar there will be question time on the topics followed by an open forum where you can ask various experts, including Dr Robert Zammit and others any questions that they may help you with or they may need to research before the next seminar.

The next seminar, in February, covers "Part 2- Rearing Puppies for Behavioural Brilliance", presented by Dr Le Hammer, AND the second lecture will be "Gastric Tympany and Volvulus" presented by Dr Luke Smith.

Tuesday, 20th February, 2018 

The Bill Spilstead Canine Complex

44 Luddenham Road, Orchard Hills

The lecture will commence at 7.00pm. 

To RSVP for the February seminar please email Brooke at or phone 96271257 (Bus. Hours).

A further seminar has now been booked for Thursday April 18. The Topic will be: 'The sense and nonsense of cardiac health screening in breeding dogs.' Lecturer will be from Sydney University, Prof. Niek Beijerink DVM PhD Dipl. ECVIM-CA (Cardiology).

*Read about the breakthrough cardiac surgery being performed with Prof. Niek Beijerink at Sydney University, in an article featured in DOGS NSW February magazine.

* New seminar dates for 2018 are being planned at present and we will inform you when dates are confirmed. 

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Presidents & Secretaries Meeting Minutes - 21 October 2017


Please find below a copy of the Minutes from the Presidents & Secretaries meeting held 21 October 2017.

Download minutes

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ANKC 2018 Herding Rules Meeting


The ANKC Ltd 2018 Herding Rules meeting will take place on 10th March at 1pm in the German Shepherd Dog Building at DOGS NSW.

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Retrieving & Field Trial Hall of Fame 2018 Nominations - Call for nominations


Click here for Information

Please follow the link below to download the nomination forms;

Nomination Forms

Nominations shall close on the 31 May, 2018 at respective Member Body offices

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DOGS NSW Showdog/Puppy/Neuter of the Year is fast approaching on Sat 17th March 2018.

If your dog meets the entry criteria, the Committee would love to welcome you this prestigious event. Entries for DOTY, POTY & NOTY close 31st January 2018.

This year the Committee are producing a “high-end” Catalogue which will contain a Pictorial History as well as the schedule of competition proceeding as per a normal catalogue.

Advertising in this Commemorative Catalogue is available to businesses, kennels & exhibitors – details supplied in the attached flyer.

Catalogue Advertising can be paid for via Ozentries; closing date is 5pm 28th February 2018.

If you have any questions after reading the flyers please do not hesitate to get in touch via email to:

Lynda Brandt:

Rebecca Rafton:

Catalogue Advertising

Gazette notice

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Judges Training Scheme - Gundogs Sub Group 3: Revised Schedule


Please find listed below the revised schedule for Gundogs Sub Group 3 (Retrievers):

31 Jan - Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

14 Feb - Curly Coated Retriever & Chesapeake Bay Retriever

28 Feb - Labrador Retriever

14 Mar - Golden Retriever

21 Mar - Flat Coated Retriever

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Regulations Amendments - Extreme Weather & Safety Guidelines


Please be advised that there has been several changes to the Extreme Weather & Safety Guidelines. 

 Part II Show - Section 19, Clause 19.1.2 

19.1.2 Where the Bureau of Meteorology NSW (“BOM”) forecast on the BOM App ( for the location at or nearest to any show at 10.00am on the day before the scheduled commencement time of the show, indicates Extreme Weather for the date of the show, the following will apply:- (02/17)

(a)  If the forecast maximum temperature at 10.00am on the day before the scheduled commencement time of the show or anytime thereafter is 38° Celsius or higher, the show or shows are to be immediately cancelled. (01/18)

(b)  If the forecast maximum temperature is in the range of 35° to 37° Celsius, the Show Committee conducting the show must decide whether to maintain the existing arrangements, cancel the show or amend the start time and/or day for the show. This decision must be made immediately after checking the forecast at 10.00am on the day before the show. (01/18) 

(c)  If the Show Committee is required to make a decision under 19.1.2, it may include decisions in relation to any other shows which are scheduled to be held on subsequent day/s as part of the same cluster of shows. (01/18)

(d)  Any decision which is taken in accordance with (a) or (b) or (c) must be made available to exhibitors within four hours by recording the decision on the extreme weather status phone number shown in the show advertisement or schedule and, when staff are available to do so, upload the information onto the Dogs NSW website and APP and shall notify all applicants for entry of exhibits of the cancellation of the show via email where an email address has been provided. (01/18) 

(e)  Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions a Show Committee may make a decision to amend arrangements of a show or cancel the show earlier than 10.00am on the day before the show. (11/17)

(f)  Extreme Weather- Impact on Dog Sports Herding, Drafting, Lure Coursing and Earthdog events, including tests and trials, must be cancelled when the forecast temperature available at 10.00am from the closest Bureau of Meteorology station to the venue ( two days prior exceeds 35 degrees Celsius. If the forecast temperature exceeds 30 degrees, Herding, Drafting and Lure Coursing trials and tests must commence by 8.00am, and be cancelled when the temperature exceeds 30 degrees as measured at the closest Bureau of Meteorology station to the venue. (12/16)

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