Agility Committee

The Agility Committee meets on the fourth Monday of every month at 7.30pm.

Meetings are held at:

Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs
44 Luddenham Road
Orchard Hills NSW

Please note: any item to be placed on the agenda for the Agility Committee should be sent to the office no later than the Monday of the next meeting and marked to the attention of the Committee Secretary & Examination Administrator.

Committee mission statement

  • Monitor the organisation of Agility Trials and ensure that they are conducted in accordance with the ANKC Ltd.
  • Rules for the Conduct of Agility Trials and the RNSWCC Rules and Regulations.
  • Allocate and amend Trial dates.
  • Make recommendations for amendments to the ANKC Ltd Rules for the Conduct of Agility Trials and the RNSWCC Regulations.
  • Consider reports of Trial Representatives.
  • Refer incidents reported at Trials by the Trial Representatives to the Secretary, the Board or the Affiliate concerned as appropriate.
  • Conduct State and National Agility Trials as required by the Board.
  • Provide advice and guidance to the Affiliates on Trial Rules and Regulations and all other matters relating the Agility.
  • Conduct education programs for Agility Instructors and Stewards.
  • Interpret rules and guide Judges in that interpretation.

Agility committee contacts

Chairman, Frankie Aston - 0403 751 888
Treasurer, Margaret Todd - 0411 754 577
Belinda Baxter - 0438 779 910
Dot Drescik - 0419 331 129
Claire Stalker-Booth - 0488 118 823
John Jonker - 0417 285 876
Oliver Obst - 0411 957 927