Public Relations Committee

The Public Relations Committee aims to promote DOGS NSW by focusing on promoting purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership to members and the broader community. Essentially the committee organises their activities with a combination of both promotions and events and meets monthly to address membership and business marketing issues as well as plan for upcoming events.

The PR Committee is currently responsible for organising the Championship Shows at 'Dogs on Show' and the DOGS NSW Christmas Show.

Committee mission statement

  1. To consider and report on matters referred by the Board of Directors. 
  2. To make recommendations to the Board of Directors on any matter concerning promotions or publicity which will enhance the standing of DOGS NSW in the community. 
  3. To endeavour to enhance the relations between the general membership and the Managerial structure of DOGS NSW. 
  4. To liaise with the Board of Directors in matters of public importance. 
  5. To promote all aspects of purebred dogs. 
  6. To encourage, educate and assist all new members in all aspects of Dog Showing/Trialling and the administration side of DOGS NSW. 
  7. To be the public arm of DOGS NSW at all shows and events held by DOGS NSW

Our Committee Members

Chairman - Mr Peter Cutler 0407 789 359
Treasurer - Ms Rebecca Rafton 0404 501 594
Secretary - Mr Brad Santas 0423 295 036

Committee member - Ms Sharon Hannigan 02 4630 3405
Committee member - Mrs Dianne Wright 0408 274 883
Committee member - Dr Robert Zammit 0415 161 256
Committee member - Mrs Fiona Fearon-Zammit 0415 161 256
Committee member - Mr Angus McIlrath 0418 731 858
Committee member - Ms Millissa Fox 0402 654 754
Committee member - Mrs Nellie Abela 0413 333 302
Committee member - Ms Emma Friedland  0400 226 000
Committee member - Mrs Sue McFadden  0428 003 181


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