Retrieving and Field Trial Committee

The Retrieving & Field Trials Committee meets on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7.30pm. Meetings are held at:

Bill Spilstead Complex for Canine Affairs
44 Luddenham Road
Orchard Hills, NSW

For more information contact DOGS NSW on (02) 9834 3022 or

RAFT Hall of Fame

The Retrieving and Field Trial Hall of Fame 2020 Nominations are now open. More information can be found here.

Nomination form template for Outstanding Gundog

Nomination form template for Prominent Person


Mission Statement

  1. To act at all times pursuant to the direction issued from time to time by the Royal NSW Canine Council Ltd.
  2. Monitor the organisation of Retrieving Trials, Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs, Pointer and Setter Trials, Spaniel and Retriever Trials and ensure that they are conducted in accordance with the Regulations.
  3. Allocate and amend trial dates and Retrieving Ability Test dates.
  4. Advise affiliates on the application of the Retrieving, Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs and Field Trial Regulations.
  5. Make recommendations for amendments to the Retrieving and Field Trial Regulations, and Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs.
  6. Consider correspondence in relation to Trials and Trail Regulations.
  7. Consider reports from the Trial Representative in relation to Retrieving, Retrieving Ability Tests and Field Trials.
  8. Refer incidents reported by the Trial Representatives to the Secretary, the Board of Directors or the Affiliate concerned as appropriate.
  9. Conduct seminars for Retrieving, Retrieving Ability Tests and Field Trial Judges.
  10. Prepare proposed amendments to the Australian National Council Ltd Rules pertaining to Retrieving Trials, Pointer and Setter Trials, Spaniel and Retriever Trials, Utility Field Trials and Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs.
  11. Conduct the State Utility Field Trial, The State Retrieving Trial, The State Spaniel and Retriever Trial, The State Pointer and Setter Trial and National Utility Field Trial, The National Retrieving Trial, The National Spaniel and Retriever Trial, and the National Pointer and Setter Trial as required by the Board of Directors.
  12. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the organisation and conduct of Retrieving and Field Trials, and Retrieving Ability Tests for Gundogs.
  13. Supervise all Working Parties allocated to the Retrieving and Field Trials Committee by the Board.

Committee contacts

Paul Hamson - 0498 441 520

Ken Griffin - 02 9628 7062
Ray Temple - 0408 836 753
Peter Searle - 0412 361 743
Kirsty Blair - 0481 216 409