Show Committee

Committee Members

John Sheppard, Chair - 0420 352 698
Carol Baker - 0432 528 906
Lynda Brandt - 0408 414 361
Nancy Keck - 0427 980 136
Rosemary Duffy - 0411 222 889
Jan Seary - 02 6041 2609

Mission Statement

  1. To act at all times pursuant to the direction issued from time to time by DOGS NSW.
  2. Monitor the organisation and conduct of shows to ensure they are conducted in accordance with the regulations.
  3. Allocate and amend show dates.
  4. Advise affiliates on the application of the show regulations.
  5. Make recommendations for amendments to the show regulations.
  6. Consider correspondence to DOGS NSW in relation to shows and the show regulations.
  7. Consider Show Representative Reports.
  8. Refer incidents reported at shows by the Show Representative to the Secretary, the Board of Directors or the affiliate concerned as appropriate.
  9. Consider recommendations from Presidents & Secretaries meetings and Regional Meetings and provide comments thereon to the Board of Directors.
  10. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the organisation and conduct of shows.
  11. Supervise all Working Parties allocated to the Show Committee by the Board.

Show Hotline

A hotline has been established to assist Show Secretaries, Club Officials and any member that may need advice with problems or issues that may arise when running a dog show.

The phone number is as follows:

John Sheppard - 0420 352 698

Please feel free to utilise this service.

Aggressive Dog Presentation

Please click here to view the Show Committee's Aggressive Dog Presentation