Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog Development


To save the purebred Stumpy from extinction.

Mission statement

In essence; To encourage, guide and advance the interests of purebred Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs and their owners and breeders, and to encourage the improvement of type and quality of the breed. The Committee believes that maintaining the breed standard is essential for the continuing improvement of the Stumpy. The high standard already set by breeders will ensure the continuing integrity of the breed.

"A well proportioned working dog, rather square in profile... hard-bitten, rugged appearance, sufficient substance to convey impression of ability to endure long periods of arduous work... no tan on blue dogs... undocked, natural bob tail..." (ANKC standard)

If you call yourself True Blue .....

Call the Stumpy 'Australian' too.


The Committee meets quarterly to assess information, such as pedigrees and photographs, submitted by breeders and owners of Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs. All owners and breeders have a responsibility to play their part in maintaining Australia's very first developed breed of dog. It is in the interest of Australia's National Heritage that the Stumpy Tail is called Australian.

This committee is dedicated to add 'Australian' to the name Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog.

Based on this detailed information, and possibly a live examination by an authorised committee member(s), the Stumpy will be given an A, B or C classification, or Full Register. Recommended reading Classification/Registration Application Guide for the Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog available from DOGS NSW.

(Details of A, B & C classification information and photographic guidelines are outlined in the Stumpy Application Guide available from DOGS NSW). Breed Lecture B. Merchant. Barkers & Biters R. Kaleski. Breed Standard & Interpretation K. Cook. DOGS NSW responsible for matters relating to this committee.

Committee achievements

This Committee has been assessing and classifying Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs since the first meeting in 1989. In the beginning, we had a majority of C classifications, but these days NSW has 320 fully registered Stumpy Tail Cattle Dogs, many of which are successfully shown in the All Breed and Obedience Ring.

With the help of breeders, and their understanding to which level their dog or bitch has been allocated, recent litters have shown considerable improvement in breed type.

Committee contacts

Bernadette Merchant 02 4565 0232 fax. 02 4565 0280
Sue Fedoryschyn 02 9604 6061 MOB: 0409 916 390
Dr Karen Hedberg BVSc 02 4571 2042
Miss Melissa Park 02 9670 4543 MOB: 0418 747 500