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Breeder Compliance Audits Webinar

Come and join the Media & Government Legislation Committee and Directors Myron Arthur and Nancy Keck on a Zoom Webinar, which was held on Monday 15th February at 7.00pm as they discussed the latest developments in the Breeder Compliance inspections and how they are impacting our members.

Please click here to view the Webinar.

The Media & Government Legislation Committee include:

• Mr B Crump, Chair
• Mr H Gent OAM, Secretary
• Dr K Hedberg BVSc, DOGS NSW President
• Mrs L Brown, DOGS NSW Senior Vice President
• Mr M McDonald, DOGS NSW Honorary Solicitor
• Dr R Zammit BVSc
• Ms R Coventry
• Miss D Crofts, DOGS NSW Animal Welfare & Community Liaison Officer