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DOGS NSW "Hobby Breeder" Definition

As promised by the DOGS NSW Media & Government Legislation Committee, at their recent Webinar held on Monday 15 February, the following is a definition of
a DOGS NSW "Hobby Breeder."

1. Is a member of DOGS NSW or other recognised Organisation.

2. If a member of DOGS NSW, they must not breed unless they hold a current Breeders Prefix under the rules and regulations of DOGS NSW and:
• Shall abide fully by the Code of Ethics of DOGS NSW.
• Shall NOT breed any litters NOT registered with DOGS NSW.
• Shall agree to inspection of their premises by DOGS NSW Welfare Officer.

3. Shall NOT breed a bitch more than 6 times throughout her lifetime.

4. Shall NOT breed a bitch over eight years of age unless approved by a registered veterinarian.

5. Shall NOT breed a bitch more than twice in an eighteen-month period.

6. Shall NOT breed a bitch under 12 months of age or 18 months of age for giant breeds.

7. All puppies must be microchipped and registered with the NSW Companion Animals database in accordance with NSW State law.

8. Shall abide by the publicised Veterinary Standards for preventative Disease Protocols.

Importantly the definition of Animal Trade under Section 4(1) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act should be amended to exclude Hobby Breeders with the import and effect that Inspectors shall not be empowered to enter upon the property of Hobby Breeders to carry out Breeder Compliance Inspections of the nature applicable to commercial breeding establishments which are not exempt as Hobby Breeders.

Features distinguishing DOGS NSW prefix holders from commercial breeders:-

1. Enforced Code of Ethics

2. Mandatory Members Education Course

3. Qualification of breeders

4. DOGS NSW is self- regulating, ie, Kennel inspections in accordance with our Code of Ethics

5. Independent Judiciary system adjudicating breaches

6. Continuous health testing programs partnering with ANKC Ltd

7. Breeding for improved health and conservation of Pure Bred Dogs

8. Weekly puppy classes at DOGS NSW

9. The full range of Dog sports

10. Support of rescue groups

11. Royal NSW Canine Council Charity Ltd
To prevent or relieve the suffering of canines. DOGS NSW considers the Charity to be greatly significant and is directing the $1 puppy levy to the Charity to secure long-term benefits for DOGS NSW members as well as the general canine community in NSW.