Upcoming events

Join us at these upcoming canine events!

DOGS NSW Retrieving Trial State Championship

DOGS NSW Retrieving Trial State Championship to be conducted on 24th August & 25th August 2019

24-25 August

2019 Royal Canin Spring Fair

The weekend begins on Thursday 29th August with Breed Specialty Shows. The following days see CACIB and Conformation Shows being conducted, as well as Trials including Herding, Lure Coursing, Obedience, Rally Obedience and Agility.


DOGS NSW Canine Breed Identification Workshop

DOGS NSW will be conducting the Canine Breed Identification Workshop again at its Orchard Hills grounds in September this year. This workshop continues to assist council rangers in being able to improve breed recognition and includes a comprehensive overview of all ANKC recognised breeds, including history, breed characteristics and temperament. It is also open to anyone interested in broadening their knowledge about breed identification.

3-4 September

NSW State Agility Titles 2019

The DOGS NSW Agility Committee is proud to announce the inaugural NSW STATE AGILITY TITLES - 2019. This is an Agility, Jumping and Games Trial that moves our sport forward and aligns Agility in NSW to the rest of the country. In 2019, the State Titles replaces what has been a wonderful celebration of the sport of Agility in NSW for the past 20 years – the DOGS NSW Festival of Agility.

7-8 September

2019 DOGS NSW State Obedience Titles

2019 DOGS NSW State Obedience Titles will be conducted on the 7th October 2019

7 October